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G. Placer Mining Companies, 1851-61*

September 1852, Shasta County Mining and Water Company

September 1852, Whiskey Creek Water and Mining Company

May 1854, Samuel McKee and Geo. Stove & Company, Grizzly Gulch

August 1854, Mahoney and Talor & Co., near Oak Bottom

August 1854, Empire State Mining & Ditch Company, Brandy and Clear Creeks

September 1854, Eastman & Company, about 3/4 of a mile below Oak Bottom

November 1854, Franklin Company, near Oak Bottom

November 1854, C. S. Snouck & Company, c. 1-1/2 or 2 miles below Tower House

February 1854, Kirkham & Company, on Brandy Creek

February 1855, William & Company, on hill east of Whiskey Creek

February 1855, Clear Creek Water Company, Tower House to Hangtown

August 1855, Richard Barney & Company, Clear Creek below the Tower House

April 1856, Empire Ditch and Mining Company

January 1858, Johnson & Bennet, Brandy Creek

November 1859, I. F. Stanley & Company, Dry Creek

September 1860, Jones Kelly & Company, Bull Gulch

January 1861, Crocker & Leonard's Ditch, Boulder Creek

*The above list of companies does not represent a comprehensive one, but only a sampling of companies referred to in the process of reading deeds and other records in the Records Office, SCC.

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