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D. Whiskeytown Postmasters and Post Offices, 1856-1952

NameDate of AppointmentPost Office Name
Benjamin MixFebruary 18, 1856Whiskey Creek
Thomas D. YatesOctober 9, 1861Whiskey Creek
James A. KeslerSeptember 8, 1862Whiskey Creek
Eunic T. BlairJanuary 6, 1881Blair
Oliver H. P. WoodwardSeptember 4, 1885Stella
Oliver H. P. Woodward Jr.October 26, 1897Stella
John F. SchillingOctober 31, 1903Stella
Jerry FordApril 25, 1917Schilling
Alice M. Hess (act.)February 10, 1928Schilling
Vina RisApril 18, 1928Schilling
George G. GilchristJuly 3, 1929Schilling
Mabel Reel JohnsonDecember 5, 1931Schilling
Rose Mary MachadoAugust 30, 1942Schilling
Grace E. RathboneNovember 21, 1945Schilling
Lida M. GrahamJune 1, 1946Schilling
Dorothy A. HermanFebruary 28, 1947Whiskeytown 7/1/52

Note: The Whiskeytown post office did not remain open consistently during these years, as the 1860 U.S. Census for California does not list a Whiskeytown P.O., and between 1909 and 1917 no one could be found in Stella to serve as postmaster (The Redding Searchlight, June 14, 1917, as researched by Veronica Satorious of Redding.

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