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I am sincerely grateful for the efficient assistance I received from the employees of the California Historical Society library, the California Division of Mines and Geology library, and the Society of California Pioneers library in San Francisco; the Bancroft Library of the University of California at Berkeley; the Shasta State Historical Monument in Shasta; the Shasta County Courthouse and Shasta College Museum in Redding; the Colorado School of Mines library in Boulder, Colorado; and the Denver Public Library's Western History Room.

I would also like to express my special appreciation for the information, suggestions, and assistance offered me by Superintendent Leone Mitchell and Chief of Interpretive Activities Branch Robert Groin at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area; Mrs. Clinton Peltiers, Veronica Satorious, Jean Frost, Mr. and Mrs. Paul McDermott, Joseph Ganim, Darold Bickett, and Joan H. Canizares in the Redding area; James F. Harvey of Denver; and Francis R. Holland, formerly a co-worker in the Denver Service Center and currently Chief, Cultural Resource Management Branch, National Park Service.

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Last Updated: 11-Dec-2009