War in the Pacific
Historic Resources Study
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A. General

B. Asan Beach Unit, Asan Inland Unit, and Fonte Plateau Unit

I. Asan Beach Unit
II. Asan Inland Unit
III. Fonte Plateau Unit

C. Piti Guns Unit

D. Agat Unit and Mt. Alifan Unit

I. Agat Unit
II. Mount Alifan Unit

E. Mt. Chachao - Mt. Tenjo Unit

F. Other Significant World War II Sites on Guam

I. Camp Manengon
II. Tweed's Cave
III. Father Duenas' Execution Site
IV. War Dog Cemetery
V. General Obata's Command Post
VI. Agana Tunnels
VII. Hill 40

G. Sites Not Listed in the General Management Plan

I. Dungcas Beach 20cm Battery
II. Underwater Resources

H. Conclusion

I. Asan Beach Unit
II. Agat Unit
III. Piti Guns Unit
IV. Mount Alifan Unit
V. Fonte Plateau Unit
VI. Asan Inland Unit
VII. Mount Chachao - Mount Tenjo Unit
VIII. Other Significant Areas Outside Park Boundaries

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