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F. Other Significant World War II Sites on Guam

VII. Hill 40

Hill 40 is a small mound, about 40 feet in elevation, just inland (east) of Bani Point. It is surrounded by a residential development and is extremely difficult of access. It can barely be glimpsed from the highway. It is outside the park boundaries. The only evidence remaining from World War II is a few shell craters amongst its thick vegetation.

On July 21, W-Day, 1944, the 1st Battalion of the 4th U.S. Marines landed on Beach White 2 at Agat, the beach nearest to Bangi Point and Hill 40. When the battalion had advanced 700 yards inland, one company turned right and attacked Hill 40. Japanese machine gun fire met the invaders and marine tanks were called in to subdue the defenders. No Japanese artillery fire was reported as having come from the hill, which was taken well before noon. That night, the Japanese launched a counterattack along the Agat beaches. Company K, 4th U.S. Marines, holding Hill 40, was driven from its positions twice, but twice recovered the lost ground. To the Japanese and U.S. Marines who fought there, Hill 40 was etched in their memories.

Japanese communications center, Agana, 1984.

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