Eighty Years in the Making
A Legislative History of Voyageurs National Park
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Nearly 40 years of Dr. Fred Witzig's academic life and career as a geographer have been centered on issues concerning environmental conservation and preservation. From 1953 to 1990 he was a Professor of Geography at the University of Minnesota Duluth. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the Minnesota State Parks and Trails Council Federation, the Voyageurs Region National Park Association, President and board member of the Lake States Interpretive Association, co-chair of the Duluth Chapter of the Citizens for Voyageurs National Park, and member and president of the Duluth City Planning Commission. Mr. Witzig holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Bradley University, a Master of Arts degree in geography from the University of Illinois, and a PhD in geography from the University of Illinois. He is a native of Morton, Illinois.

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Last Updated: 23-Jan-2009