Tumacacori's Yesterdays
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Publications, or abstracts from them, on which this book is based, are all in the library of Tumacacori National Monument. The references list these sources, and the authors.

Most of the early Jesuit data have been taken from the books of Herbert Eugene Bolton. Much of the Franciscan period material is from the Reverend Victor R. Stoner's translations of the Guevavi and Tumacacori church registers. The portion concerning Tubac history has drawn heavily on the master's thesis of Doris Bents. The 1796 census of Tumacacori, not to our knowledge previously published, was obtained by Alfred F. Whiting and donated to the Tumacacori library. Part of the text in the last section is quotations from research on mines and mining done by Sallie Brewer. New material from parish records for the 1840's has been abstracted by the author and his wife from original records in Magdalena and in Altar, Sonora, thanks to the courtesy of Fathers Santos Sainz and Roberto Gonzales, who made the records available for our study.

I am particularly obligated to the following: Reverend Victor R. Stoner and Sallie Brewer, for critical comment on the entire original draft of this manuscript, and for many helpful suggestions; to Alfred F. Whiting, who has given generously of his own written and oral ideas on Tumacacori history; and to my wife, who has carefully read and re-read every portion, smoothing out incoherencies here and grammatical errors there, and unerringly asking all the questions I didn't know how to answer.

For numerous other helpful pieces of knowledge, advice, and criticism, I am indebted to: Erik Reed, Dale S. King, Charlie R. Steen, of the National Park Service, and Thomas I. Glannon, of Nogales, Arizona, who has donated to the Tumacacori library a wealth of historical material gleaned from study of title abstracts on Spanish land grants.

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