Wallpapers in Historic Preservation
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19th century publications on architecture and furnishings which include discussion of wallpaper or examples of its use

Arrowsmith, H. W. The House Decorator and Painter's Guide. London: 1840.

Artistic Houses: Being a Series of Interior Views of a Number of Beautiful and Celebrated Homes in the United States. 4 vols. 1883. Reprint (4 vols. in 1). New York: 1971.

Bradshaw, William Richard. Wallpaper: Its History Manufacture and Decorative Importance. New York: 1891.

Brunner, Arnold W., and Tryon, Thomas. Interior Decoration. New York: 1887.

Church, Ella Rodman. How to Furnish a Home. New York: 1881.

Cook, Clarence. What Shall We Do With Our Walls? New York: 1880, 1881, 1884.

Downing, A. J. The Architecture of Country Houses. 1850. Reprint. New York: 1969.

Eastlake, Charles. Hints on Household Taste in Furniture, Upholstery, and Other Details. London: 1868. 1872. Reprint. Benjamin Blom, 1971. 1878. Reprint. Dover. 1970.

Edis, Robert W. Decoration and Furniture of Town Houses. London, New York: 1881.

Elliot, Charles Wyllis. The Book of American Interiors. Boston: 1876.

Exhibition Catalogues from various 19th century International Expositions:

1851, London: Crystal Palace Exposition
1853, New York: Crystal Palace Exposition
1862, London: International Exposition
1873, Vienna: International Exposition London: International Exposition
1876, Philadelphia: Centennial Exposition
1878, Paris: International Exposition
1883, Boston: Foreign Fair
1898, Chicago: World's Columbian Exposition

Gardiner, Eugene C. Home Interiors. Boston: 1878.

Garrett, Rhoda and Agnes. Suggestions for House Decoration. Philadelphia: c. 1880.

Holly, H. Hudson. Modern Dwellings in Town and Country. New York: 1878.

How, S. Indoors. New York: 1894.

Jeffrey and Company. The Victorian Wallpapers for the Decoration of Rooms and Staircases. London: c. 1895.

Jennings, Arthur Seymour. Practical Paper Hanging. New York: 1892.

Kent and Company, Publ. "A Decorator," The Paper Hanger, Painter, Grainer and Decorator's Assistant. 2d ed. London: 1879.

Le Normand, Sebastien. Etoffes Imprimées et Papiers Peints. Paris: 1832.

Lienard's Interior Decoration. New York: 1873.

Loftie, Mrs. The Dining Room. London: 1878.

Loftie, William John. Gems of Home Scenery. London: 1876.

______. A Plea for Art in the House. London: 1876.

Loudon, John Claudius. Encyclopaedia of Cottage, Farm, and Villa Architecture and Furniture. London: 1830. 1833, 1836, 1857.

Morton, George H. History of Paper Hangings. London: 1875.

Orinsmith, Lucy. The Drawing Room. London: 1878.

Spofford, Harriett Prescott. Art Decoration Applied to Furniture. New York: 1877.

Varney, Almon C. Our Homes and Their Adornment. Detroit: 1893.

Von Falke, Jacob. Art in the House. Boston: 1879.

Webster, Thomas. Encyclopaedia of Domestic Economy. New York: 1843.

Whittock, Nathaniel. The Decorative Painters' and Glaziers' Guide. London: 1832.

Williams, Henry T., and Jones, Mrs. C. S. Beautiful Homes: How to Make Them. New York: 1885.

19th Century Journals

Architectural Record. New York: July 1891-present.

Architectural Sketchbook. Boston: July 1873-December 1876.

American Architect and Building News. New York: 1871-1899.

The Art Journal. New York, especially 1880 vol. p. 4 ff. "Principles of Decoration: Wallpapers."

Building Age; Carpentry and Building. New York: January 1879-September 1930.

The Journal of Design. London: 1849-1852.

The Manufacturer and Builder. New York: 1869-1894, especially vol. 1, no. 9, "Manufacture of Paper Hangings."

Wallpaper News and Interior Decorator. New York: 1885-1915.

20th century secondary publications on the history of wallpaper and its use

Clouzot, Henri and Follot, C. Histoire du Papier Peint en France. Paris: 1925.

Clouzot, Henri. Tableaux Tentures de Dufour et Leroy. Paris: c. 1930.

Dornsife, Samuel. "Wallpaper." The Encyclopedia of Victoriana. Edited by Harriet Bridgement and Elizabeth Drury. New York: 1975.

Entwisle, E. A. A Literary History of Wallpaper. London: 1960.

Frangiamore Catherine Lynn. "Wallpapers Used in Nineteenth Century America." Antiques Magazine, New York: 1972.

. "The Story Wallpapers Tell." Historic Preservation. Washington, D.C.: October-December 1975.

. "Wallpaper: Technological Innovation and Changes in Design and Use." Technological Innovation and the Decorative Arts. Winterthur Conference Rept. 1973. Charlottesville : University Press of Virginia, 1974.

Greysmith, Brenda. Wallpaper. New York: 1976.

Hotchkiss, Horace, "Wallpapers Used in America, 1700-1850." The Concise Encyclopedia of American Antiques. Edited by Helen Comstock. 1 vol. New York: 1958.

Hunter, G. L. Decorative Textiles. Philadelphia: 1918.

McCelland, Nancy V. Historic Wallpapers from their Inception to the Introduction of Machinery. Philadelphia: 1924.

Minhinnick, Jeanne. At Home in Upper Canada. Toronto: 1970.

Musée des Arts Decoratifs. Trois Siècles de Papiers Peints. Paris: 1967.

National Trust for Historic Preservation in the United States. Documented Reproduction Fabrics and Wallpapers. Washington, D.C.: 1972.

Sugden, Alan V. and Edmondson, J. L. A History of English Wallpaper, 1509-1914. New York: 1925. London: 1926.

Tapeton: Ihre Geschichte bis zur Gegenwart. Edited by Heinrich Olligs. 3 vols. Braunschweig: 1970.

Victoria and Albert Museum. Catalogue of Wall-Paper. Edited by C. Oman. London: 1929.

Whitworth Art Gallery. Historic Wallpapers in the Whitworth Art Gallery. Manchester: 1972.

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