Theodore Roosevelt
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datelegislation description
1934cooperative agreement Federal Emergency Relief Administration, NPS, CCC, & state of North Dakota create Roosevelt Regional Park
3-25-35(Harry L. Hopkins) Federal Emergency Relief Administration director turns Roosevelt Regional Park into a Recreational Demonstration Area (RDA)
4-30-35EO 7027
EO 7028
Resettlement Administration created & receives jurisdiction over RDAs from FERA
11-14-36EO 7496 Transfers RDAs to Department of the Interior; placed under NPS control but not official part of NP System
6-6-42PL 77—594
(56 Stat 326)
Secretary of the interior authorized to convey RDAs to states with proviso that land be used for recreation or conservation only
8-11-42(Franklin D. Roosevelt) President approves list of "special status" RDAs; Roosevelt RDA included
6-1-45(Harry S Truman) President releases Roosevelt RDA from "special status," clears way for transfer to Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS)
2-26-46(Oscar L. Chapman) Acting secretary of the interior transfers Roosevelt RDA to FWS; becomes Theodore Roosevelt National Wildlife Refuge
4-25-47PL 80—38
(61 Stat 52)
Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park enabling act
6-10-48PL 80—620 (62 Stat 352) adjusts boundaries of South Unit; eliminated provision in PL 80—38 for statue of Roosevelt in Medora
6-12-48PL 80—631 (62 Stat 384) adds North Unit to park; reserved stock driveway easement to ranchers
6-29-48PL 80—827 (62 Stat 1102) boundary description corrected
3-24-56PL 84—438 (70 Stat 55) boundary adjustments along U. S. Rtes. 10 & 85: 880 acres deleted from North Unit, 60 added to South Unit
8-31-61PL 87—193 (75 Stat 423) authorizes secretary of the interior to modernize water & sewerage facilities in Medora on reimbursable basis
11-6-63(Stewart Udall) Secretary of the interior deletes 398 acres of South Unit cut off by realignment of U. S. 10 & I-94; 459 acres added to South Unit from USFS, state, & private land
7-8-64PLO 3420 91 acres deleted to USFS
11-10-78PL 95—625
(92 Stat 3467)
National Parks and Recreation Act of 1978 approves North & South Unit wilderness areas; redesignates park as Theodore Roosevelt National Park; adjusts North Unit boundary

EOExecutive Order
PLPublic Law (old law citation in parentheses)
PLOPublic Land Order

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