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1. The much-quoted phrase "loving the parks to death" may even predate the National Park Service. See William C. Everhart, The National Park Service (Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1983), 177.

2. "State of the Parks Report 1980," unpublished MS (Denver: RMRO, 1980), 7. Of the 4345 threats reported, 2391 were external and 1954 internal.

3. The local county government (Billings County) also plans to build a bridge across the Little Missouri River near the Elkhorn within the next ten years. Micki Hellickson (Chief Naturalist, THRO) to author, 14 May 1985. Note also that, as defined in the summary of the State of the Parks Report (p. 1), "threat" refers not only to activities damaging physical resources, but to those degrading park values or experiences.

4. Strand's thesis was apparently unknown to or ignored by Petty. See Dale J. Strand, "The History of the Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park" (master's thesis, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, 1962); Warren J. Petty, "History of Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park (draft)," unpublished MS, ca. 1965 (THRO-L) (hereafter cited as "Draft History"); Warren James Petty, "History of Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park," North Dakota History: Journal of the Northern Plains 35:2 (Spring 1968), 385—441 (hereafter cited as "History").

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