First Annual National Park Service Historic Preservation Conference
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Charlie Clapper

Mr. Clapper reviewed the planning process of the past and the present. He said planning is necessary because it makes a lot of sense. A good flexible plan assures that everything ultimately comes together, for a useful document determines fixed ideas. We have to plan this idea to make them intelligible to all, capable of execution and communication. Therein lies the challenge for park planners. The Park Service plan has traditionally been accomplished by planners, using a planning model that is elitist in nature. Planners in the past considered all courses of action; then they identified and evaluated all the consequences, and selected the most desirable alternatives. The biggest change happened with Environmental Policy Act and Historic Sites Preservation Act. These few pieces of legislation has had and is continuously having tremendous impact in planning and in the Service in general. Adjustment of this legislation has been very slow. Planning is a long, expensive, and frustrating process, especially now with public involvement. One of the main problems that planners have had is that they have not received adequate cooperation from management. The new planning process will help solve problems. Planners have got to have a sound statement from management as to what direction we should take and we should go.

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Last Updated: 14-Jul-2009