First Annual National Park Service Historic Preservation Conference
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Russ Dickinson

Mr. Dickinson gave a brief talk on the subject of historic preservation in general, but emphasized the fact that our historic properties have not been properly maintained. We have not established an appropriate budgetary base to cope with the historic preservation problems. Management by large has not afforded historic preservation a high priority when measured against competing resource management and visitor services priorities. That is especially true when we have had to have competition between a historical area and natural area as reflected by problems that Regional Directors have these days. This, he said, is a real problem.

Lack of basic data about historic structures is hampering our efforts to cope with budgetary problems in dealing with the Department and OMB. This illustrates the importance of LCS. I believe that there is a real sense of urgency and commitment and sense of priorities and we need to emphasize historic preservation. We need to review meaningful and achieveable standards we have been using in historic preservation which are not achievable and are not clearly understood by all persons concerned. Managers need flexible guidelines. I hope you reach some concensus as a result of this conference and come up with recommendations.

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Last Updated: 14-Jul-2009