Celebrating the Immigrant: An Administrative History
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I would like to thank a number of persons who have played key roles in enabling me to research and write this history.

William Zeisel, of The Institute for Research in History, served as project director, handling all of the administrative details involved in this undertaking. He did much else besides. He helped me sort through voluminous National Park Service and American Museum of Immigration, Inc., records, contacted and interviewed persons who could supply vital information, and improved my work with his intelligent comments and suggestions. Esther Katz and Deborah Gardner, both of the Institute, provided many helpful suggestions and editorial comments.

David L. Moffitt, superintendent, Statue of Liberty National Monument, Paul Kinney, curator, American Museum of Immigration, and Marilyn Keeler, former administrative officer, STLI NM, all generously gave their time to answer questions, share memories, and help me find important documents .

Paul O, Weinbaum and Edward Kallop, Jr., both former curators at Liberty Island, have replied to my written questions, supplied needed information to William Zeisel over the telephone, and read earlier drafts of this work, on which they have made essential corrections, revisions, and additions. I also appreciate the written comments and corrections of George A. Palmer, retired assistant regional director of the old Region S office of the NPS.

Dwight T. Pitcaithley, regional historian, North Atlantic Region, NPS, has assisted William Zeisel and me in countless ways. He has been the person with whom we have worked most closely in the NPS, He has located records for us and facilitated our contacts with other members of the NPS.

Finally, I would like to thank my husband, Alan L. Krumholz, and my son Mark, who encouraged me and who good-naturedly put up with the many hours I was away researching at Liberty Island or sitting at the typewriter.

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Last Updated: 24-Sep-2001