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Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings

National Historic Landmark FORT D. A. RUSSELL

Location: Laramie County, at the end of Randall Avenue, Francis E. Warren Air Force Base, Cheyenne. The main gate of the Air Force base is about 1 mile northwest of the State Capitol.

A prominent Army installation from the time of the Indian wars through World War II, this post is today the jet-age Francis E. Warren Air Force Base. Its history has always been closely related to that of Cheyenne, the State capital. The base and an associated quartermaster depot known as Camp Carlin (1867-88) were founded in 1867 to protect crews constructing the Union Pacific Railroad, railroad property, and lines of travel to Denver and Laramie. Cheyenne soon grew up as a railroad division point a short distance to the southeast.

With the passage of time, frontier troops enjoyed more of the amenities. Squadroom at Fort D. A. Russell in the 1880's. (National Archives)

The strategically situated fort and camp provided extensive logistical support to the major Indian campaigns on the northern Plains in the late 1860's and 1870's; and operated mule and pack trains as far west as Fort Douglas, Utah, and Fort Hall, Idaho. Renamed Fort Francis E. Warren in 1929, the fort remained an important training center through World War II and since 1948 has been an Air Force base.

Visitors may obtain passes to visit the historic area. A large number of brick buildings, which in the 1880's replaced the frame and adobe structures, are extant among modern structures and most of them are still in use. They include the hospital, administration building, commanding officer's house, and several officers' quarters. One of the latter was the residence of Brig. Gen. John J. Pershing when he served at the fort in 1912. A plaque on a boulder marks the old main gate, at the end of Randall Avenue near the unusual diamond-shaped parade ground. The site of Camp Carlin, of which no remains are extant but which is marked by a granite monument, is located on First Street near the railroad crossing.

NHL Designation: 05/15/75

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Last Updated: 19-Aug-2005