Administrative History
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Dates, Locations, Acreages of Boundary Changes

EventDate AcreageLocation
Designation as public park6/21/1890 Unknown-
Desgination as national monument3/23/1910 53.45-
Withdrawl for administrative headquarters site 2/25/1952.881 mi. n. monument boundary
Purchase6/02/19531.10west boundary
Purchase5/20/1954.19west boundary
Hobson purchase2/09/1955.19entrance area
Bailey purchase8/03/1955.12entrance area
Zuboff purchase5/28/1956.12entrance area
Littlefield purchase8/20/1963.172entrance
Designation as national historical park with additions10/18/19721.369Lincoln Street

Source: "Master plan for preservation and use of Sitka National Monument." February 15, 1962, Volume III, in files of Park," (summary of reservation history), April 24, 1986, in File A2623, Sitka National Historical Park.

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Last Updated: 04-Nov-2000