Administrative History
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Chronology of Significant Documents/Key Legislation

Documents and/or Legislation DatePurpose Result
Commissioners Recommendations04/01/1890 set aside public parkrecommendation
Governor's/Secretary of Interior's Recommendations06/09/1890 set aside public parkproclamation
Presidential Proclamation (unnumbered) by Benjamin A. Harrison06/21/1890set aside public park Indian River Park
Presidential Proclamation No. 959 by William H. Taft (36 Stat. 2601)03/23/1910establish Sitka National MonumentSitka National Monument
Presidential Proclamation No. 2965 by Harry S.Truman (66 Stat c22)02/25/1952add in-holdings to monumentadditions
An act to authorize certain additions to the Sitka National Monument in the State of Alaska and for other purposes PL 92-501 (86 Stat. 904)10/18/1972add Russian Bishop's House, redesignate as national historical parkSitka National Historical Park

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