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Chapter 2:


U.S. Marine Corps
Far left, 2d Lt. Howard H. Gilman, U.S. Marine Corps, with his Marine detachment from USS Adams on parade ground at Sitka. Gilman led the effort to construct recreational trails at Indian River before he left Sitka in August 1884.
(Sheldon Jackson Collection, #500, Presbyterian Historical Society)

This section briefly outlines the history of the community of Sitka. It provides a context for understanding the evolution of what is now Sitka National Historical Park. It includes a description of traditional Tlingit use of the area around Sitka before the Russians established a fort in the area. The battles of 1802 at Old Sitka and of 1804 at Indian River are detailed. Understanding the different national approaches to fulfilling government responsibilities in Alaska is necessary to understand changes at Sitka from the Russian period to the American period. Understanding the nature and remoteness of Sitka and Alaska is also necessary to understanding the development of the park.

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