General Information Regarding Sequoia and General Grant National Parks
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The Sequoia and General Grant National Parks are mapped on the scale of 2 miles to the inch on the Tehipite and Kaweah atlas sheets of the United States Geological Survey. These atlas sheets may be obtained from the Director of the Geological Survey, Washington, D. C., for 10 cents each. They may be purchased also from the supervisor of the park, but the supervisor can not fill mail orders.




The following publications may be obtained from the National Park Service, Washington, D. C., or by personal application to the supervisor of the park.

General information regarding Sequoia and General Grant National Parks.

Glimpses of our National Parks. 48 pages.

Contains descriptions of the most important features of the principal national parks and the Grand canyon of the Colorado.


The publications listed below may be purchased from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C.

"The Secret of the Big Trees," by Ellsworth Huntington. 24 pp., including 14 illustrations. 5 cents.1

Contains an account of the climatic changes indicated by the growth rings and compares the climatic conditions in California with those of Asia.

Forests of Yosemite, Sequoia, and General Grant National Parks, by C. L. Hill. 1916. 40 pages, including 23 illustrations. 20 cents.1

Contains descriptions of the forest cover and of the principal species.

1May be purchased from the supervisor of the park, but the supervisor can not fill mail orders.


ALLEN, E. F. A guide to the national parks of America. 1915. 286 pages.

BRYCE, JAMES. University and historical addresses. 1913. 433 pp.

"National Parks, the need of the future," pp. 389-406.

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American Architect, vol. 83 (Mar. 19, 1904), p. 94. "The life of a big tree."

Contains the history of a California big tree over 2,000 years old.

American Civic Association (Washington, D. C.). National Parks. 32 pp.

Contains "National Parks, the need of the future," by James Bryce; Address on "A bureau of national parks," by W. H. Taft; Address on "A bureau of national parks," by Walter L. Fisher; "Are national parks worth while?" by J. H. McFarland.

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