General Information Regarding Sequoia and General Grant National Parks
Season of 1917
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Sequoia National Park may be reached from Visalia or Exeter, on the Southern Pacific and the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroads, thence by way of Visalia Electric Railway to Lemon Cove, thence 40 miles by stage or private conveyance to Giant Forest in the park. Automobile stages operated by the Sequoia National Park Transportation Co. leave Lemon Cove Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10 a. m.; arrive Giant Forest, Sequoia National Park (40 miles), 3 p. m. Stages leave Giant Forest Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Satur days, 7 a. m.; arrive Lemon Cove, 1. p. m.

Special trips to be made on alternate days under the same time schedule when two or more passengers are available.

Stage fares to Sequoia National Park.

Between Lemon Cove and Giant Forest, one way, $6.50; round trip, $12.
Between Three Rivers and Giant Forest, one way, $5; round trip, $10.
Children under 12 years of age, one-half fare.
Baggage allowance, 40 pounds; excess baggage, 2 cents per pound.
Express, 2 cents per pound; minimum charge, 25 cents.

General Grant National Park can be reached from Sanger, on the Southern Pacific Railway, thence by automobile stage or private conveyance, a distance of 46 miles to the park.

Stage fares to General Grant National Park.

From Sanger to General Grant National Park, $5.50.
From General Grant National Park to Sanger, $4.
Round trip, $8.
Baggage allowance, 50 pounds; excess baggage, $1.25 per 100 pounds.

Touring cars, operated by the Kings River-Hume Auto Service Co. (address, Sanger, Cal.), will leave Sanger each morning (except Sunday) at 9 a.m. and arrive at General Grant National Park at 2.30 p. m., leaving General Grant National Park at 9 a. m. and arriving in Sanger at 2 p. m.

An automobile, operated by Calvin Marple (address, Sanger, Cal.), will leave Sanger for Hume via General Grant National Park, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week at 9 a. m. Leave Sanger for Hume Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday of each week at 7 a. m. Leave Hume for Sanger via General Grant National Park daily at 7 a. m.

General Grant National Park may also be reached from Dinuba and Reedley on the Southern Pacific and Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railways. The department has no knowledge of any regular stage lines running from these places.

The stage schedules and rates given above are not under the control of the department, as the stage lines operate outside the park. The schedules and rates are those that will prevail according to information furnished to the department; they are given for the information of the public but are not to be considered official.



At the Giant Forest there is a general store, telephone station, feed yard, photograph gallery, and post office; the name of the post office is Giant Forest, Cal.

Walter E. Kenney, Madera, Cal., has a license to maintain a camp and to furnish meals and lodging. The authorized rates are as follows:

Authorized rates at camp of Walter E. Kenney.

Board and lodging in camp:
   One person, per day$3.25
   One person, per week18.00
   One person, four weeks68.00
   Two persons, per day, each3.00
   Two persons, per week, each16.50
   Two persons, four weeks, each60.00
Meals without lodging:
   Breakfast and lunch, each.75
Lodging without meals1.00
   Guests desiring extra tent room will be charged as follows:
   Tent capacity of four people occupied by two, 50 cents each per day extra.
   Tent capacity of two people occupied by one, 50 cents per day extra.

The Sequoia National Park Transportation Co. operates an auto stage service from Giant Forest to points of interest in the park at the following rates:

Authorized rates of Sequoia National Park Transportation Co.

Parker Group, Moro Rock, and return—
   One person$1.00
   Four or more, each.75
Admiration Point and return—
   One person3.00
   Four or more, each1.50
General Sherman Tree and return—
   One person1.00
   Four or more, each.50
General Sherman Tree and Wolverton—
   One person2.00
   Four or more, each.75

Chester Wright, Giant Forest, Cal., has a license to conduct a saddle and pack animal transportation service in the Sequoia National Park. The authorized rates are as follows:

Authorized rates of Chester Wright for guides and horses.

Parties can hire saddle horses and pack mules at $1.50 per day each, but in all cases guide must accompany same, at $3 per day, the guide taking charge of packing and relieving tourists of responsibility for animals. All animals will Be equipped with riding or pack saddles.

To Sherman Tree and return$2.00
To Sherman tree, Wolverton, and return by Circle Meadow3.00
To Moro Rock and return2.00
To Moro Rock and return by Crescent Log and Huckleberry Meadows2.50
To Alta and return3.00
To Twin Lakes and return3.50
To Admiration Point and return3.50
To Moro Rock, Crescent Log, Huckleberry Meadows, and Wolverton, and Sherman Tree3.50
   Parties wishing to make long trips will be furnished with special rates.
Feeding animals, hay, each, per night$0.75
Feeding animals, hay and barley, each, per night1.50


Mrs. Mattie Decker maintains a camp in them General Grant Park under annual license from the Interior Department. The authorized rates are as follows:

Rates for camp accommodations in General Grant National Park.

Board and lodging:
   Per day$2.00
   Per week14.00
   Per month50.00
Lodging, 1 night.75
Single meal.50
Feeding animals, hay, each, per night.75
Feeding animals, bay and barley, each, per night1.50

At this camp there are also telephone station, general store, feed yard, photograph gallery, and post office; the name of the post office is General Grant National Park, Cal.

Peter Haux, whose address is Traver, Cal., is authorized to operate a saddle, pack, and wagon transportation service in the General Grant National Park over roads and trails not suitable for automobile transportation, and his rates for such service are as follows:

Authorized rates of Peter Haux for guides and horses.

Per day.
Two horses and wagon, including driver$5.00
Saddle horse, fully equipped1.50
Pack horse, fully equipped1.50
Pack burro, fully equipped1.00
Guide, fully equipped3.50

Packs on horses and mules limited to 175 pounds; on burros to 140 pounds.

In cases where guides do not accompany pack or transportation service, the parties hiring the animals will be held accountable for any loss or damage sustained by the animals or their equipment.



Points of interest in and adjacent to the Sequoia National Park.
[All distances are from Giant Forest post office.]


Name.Distance.Direction. Elevation
sea level.
Best means of


Parker Group Big Trees1-1/2SE.6,214Horse or wagon. Magnificent grove sequoia timber; good place to camp.
Moro Rock2SE.6,719   do Magnificent scenery.
Crescent Meadow1-1/2SE.6,420Horse Pretty mountain meadow; good camping place.
Log Meadow1-3/4SE.6,900   do Pretty mountain meadow; chimney tree; huge hollow log, once used as hunter's cabin.
Circle Meadow1E.6,550   do Huge fallen sequoia tree, hollow, 174 feet of which can be walked through; also Wolverton house tree; good camping place.
Wolverton Reservoir4NE.8,250Wagon Reservoir under construction.
General Sherman Tree2NE.7,210   do Largest tree in the world; height, 279.9 feet; base circumference, 102.8 feet.
Admiration Point8W.4,750Horse Beautiful scenery; precipitous cliff (2,029 feet) can be looked over.
Marble Fork Bridge (on Giant Forest Road)4W.5,100Wagon Beautiful mountain stream and bridge; good fishing; good bathing; and a splendid place to camp.
Marble Fork Bridge (on Power Co. Road)12SW.2,000Horse Good fishing; plenty of forage for stock; good camping and bathing; beautiful scenery of two mountain rivers.
Marble Fork (Twin Lakes Trail crossing)6NE.6,719   do Beautiful scenery; good fishing; good camping.
Cahoon Meadow10NE.8,246   do Beautiful mountain meadow; good camping.
Twin Lakes12-1/2NE.10,238   do Two beautiful mountain takes; one of the most interesting and beautiful sights in the park; good fishing and good camping.
Mount Silliman9-1/2NE.11,188Horse and foot. Gorgeous scenery; good view of Mount Whitney.
Alta Peak10E.11,211   do A point from which the best panoramic view of the terrain of the park may be obtained.
Alta Meadow9E.9,000Horse Fine scenery and good camping place.
Halstead Meadow10NW.8,400   do Beautiful mountain meadow; good fishing and good camping.
Dorst Creek12NW.6,500   do Fine mountain stream near Muir Grove Big Trees; good camping.
General Grant National Park33NW.6,675   do General tourist camp where both tourist accommodations and mail facilities can be procured; magnificent sequoia grove big trees.
Paradise Cave25S.5,700Horse or wagon. Large cave not fully explored; very beautiful and attractive.
Oriole Lodge25S.5,500Wagon Tourist camp and sawmill on private holdings, near Oriole Lake; one of the attractions of the vicinity.
Clough Cave32S.4,050Horse A beautiful and interesting cave; fair fishing; good camping.
Vanderver Mountain40SE.11,900   do The highest elevation in the park; a point from which may best be seen the Whitney Range of mountains, Kern River Canyon, and the Great Western Divide.
Hockett Meadow4SE.8,500   do Large mountain meadow; headquarters of park ranger; Hockett Lake, Sand and Mitchell Meadows in vicinity; good fishing; good camping.
Lake Evelyn46SE.8,000   do Deep mountain lake near Hockett Meadow; fair fishing; good place to camp.
Cabin Meadow48SE.8,800   do Beautiful meadow; excellent fishing; good camping place.
Quinn Horse Camp54SE.8,500Horse Headquarters of park ranger; large soda spring near cabin; fair fishing; good place to camp.
Elk Park8S.3,000Horse or wagon. Section of Sequoia Park set aside for herd of elk, where these animals are now kept; excellent fishing; good camping.
Hospital Rock8S.3,000Horse Huge rock, supposed to have been occupied by a prehistoric race; numerous hieroglyphics painted on it; good fishing; good camping.
Belville Lake15NE.10,300Horse and foot. The most beautiful lake in the park; fine place for an outing.
Little Kern River50SE.8,600Horse Gorgeous scenery; a botanist's paradise; good fishing; good camping.
Summit Lake44SE.9,100   do Beautiful mountain lake; good place for an outing.
Willow Meadow8NE.7,000   do Good place to spend a season; good fishing; good camping.


Mineral King30SE.7,830Horse or wagon. Village containing many summer inhabitants; once a mining town; a post office and store; good place to camp; fair fishing.
Grand Canyon of Kern River55SE.6,600Horse Box canyon on river some 20 miles in length and over 2,000 feet in depth; one of the best trout streams in the world.
Kern Lakes53SE.6,250   do Two beautiful lakes on river; magnificent scenery; excellent fishing; good boating and bathing; good camping.
Mount Whitney80E.14,502   do The highest mountain in the United States proper; from the top of this mountain the landscape scenery can not be excelled elsewhere.
Golden Trout Creek55SE.6,550   do The home of the noted golden trout fish, and where first discovered; excellent fishing; good camping; magnificent scenery.
Kern Hot Springs60SE.7,200   do Large hot spring; fine bathing; fine camping; excellent fishing; beautiful scenery.
Grand Canyon of Kings River35NE.4,631   do Box canyon, some 15 miles in length and over 2,000 feet in depth, river passing through; excellent fishing.
Stony Creek16NW.6,500   do Pretty mountain stream and meadow; good fishing; good camping.
Redwood Meadow19SE.6,300   do Beautiful young grove sequoia timber; good camping.
Bear Trap Meadow19NW.7,000   do Fine meadow; good fishing; good place to camp.
Hume31NW.5,300   do Lumbering town; huge sawmill; beautiful lake; campers' supplies; good boating and bathing; good place to camp.
Sequoia Lake34NW.5,300Horse or wagon Beautiful mountain lake; good fishing, boating, and bathing; good place to camp.
Kanawyer35NE.4,631Horse Summer tourist camp conducted by the Kanawyer Transportation Co.; good place to camp.

Distance from entrance of General Grant National Park to points in and near Sequoia National Park.

[For altitude of each locality and remarks see pages 17 and 18.]

Names. Distance. Direction. Best means of reaching.


In the park:
   Giant Forest31SE.Horse.
   Parker Group Big Trees32-1/2SE.   Do.
   Crescent Meadow32-1/2SE.   Do.
   Log Meadow32-1/2SE.   Do.
   Moro Rock33SE.   Do.
   Circle Meadow32SE.   Do.
   Wolverton Reservoir32-1/2SE.   Do.
   General Sherman Tree33SE.   Do.
   Admiration Point32SE.   Do.
   Marble Fork Bridge (on Giant Forest Road)29SE.   Do.
   Marble Fork Bridge (on Power Co. Road)43SE.   Do.
   Marble Fork (Twin Lakes Trail Crossing)37SE.   Do.
   Cahoon Meadow29SE.   Do.
   Twin Lakes32SE.   Do.
   Mount Silliman30SE.Horse and foot.
   Alta Peak41SE.   Do.
   Alta Meadow40SE.Horse.
   Halstead Meadow21SE.   Do.
   Dorst Creek19SE.   Do.
   Paradise Cave56SE.   Do.
   Oriole Lodge56SE.   Do.
   Clough Cave63SE.   Do.
   Hockett Meadow77SE.   Do.
   Lake Evelyn77SE.   Do.
   Cabin Meadow79SE.   Do.
   Quinn Horse Camp85SE.   Do.
   Elk Park39SE.   Do.
   Hospital Rock39SE.   Do.
   Belville Lake34SE.Horse and foot.
   Little Kern River81SE.Horse.
   Summit Lake75SE.   Do.
   Willow Meadow28SE.   Do.
Near the park:
   Vanderver Mountain66SE.   Do.
   Mineral King61SE.   Do.
   Grand Canyon of Kern River86SE.   Do.
   Kern Lakes84SE.   Do.
   Mount Whitney111E.   Do.
   Golden Trout Creek86SE.   Do.
   Kern Hot Springs91SE.   Do.
   Grand Canyon of Kings River28NE.   Do.
   Stony Creek15SE.   Do.
   Redwood Meadow50SE.   Do.
   Bear Trap Meadow12SE.   Do.
   Hume8NE.Wagon or automobile.
   Cedar Grove28NE.Horse.

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