Vegetation and Ecological Processes on Shackleford Bank, North Carolina
NPS Scientific Monograph No. 6
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I thank W. D. Billings for his advice throughout the course of this study and for his assistance in preparing the manuscript. I am grateful to the late H. J. Oosting for his attention and helpful advice. Field expense in the summers of 1966, 1967, and 1968 was supported by National Science Foundation Grant No. GB-3698 (Billings and Oosting).

Thanks are due to C. W. Ralston for permission to use his laboratory and for giving invaluable advice on soil analyses, and to R. L. Wilbur who made determinations of many difficult specimens. I am grateful to T. W. Johnson for providing working space in his laboratory at Beaufort. The Duke University Marine Laboratory generously provided research facilities.

I acknowledge the services of Philip Rundel for the identification of lichens, of Richard Zander for the identification of bryophytes, of David Hillier and David Speck for assistance in the measurements of the dune transect, and of W. Kirby-Smith for field assistance. Data of wind directions and maximum wind speed were provided by the Laboratory of the University of North Carolina at Morehead City.

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