The Forest Communities of Mount Rainier National Park
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This project was jointly sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. We gratefully acknowledge the enthusiastic support of the late Jim Tobin, Superintendent of Mount Rainier National Park at the time this research was conducted. The staff of the National Park Service was helpful and considerate throughout all phases of the study. We particularly give thanks to Don Field of the Park Service's Pacific Northwest Regional Office, Seattle, Washington; to Larry Henderson and Stan Schlegel of Mount Rainier National Park; and to Jim Wood of the National Park Service Science Publications Office, Atlanta, Georgia. Coworkers in the field included Mary Ayers, Bill Bradley, Janice Moore, Don Hobson, Doug Polunin, Joe Means, Jan Henderson, Ted Thomas, Karen Luchessa, and Mike James. We appreciate Don Mullineaux taking us to the site of his tephra profile in the upper Williwaukas Valley. Technical criticism and review at various phases of this project were given by Henry W. Smith, Dwight R. Crandell, C. T. Dyrness, Chad Oliver, Jan Henderson, and numerous manuscript reviewers whose time and patience we appreciated. Classification analysis was facilitated by J. Keniston, Ron Mauk, and Dave Randall. Tawny Blinn and Kay Sommerfeld of the USDA Forest Service provided extensive editorial assistance.

Jerry F. Franklin, William H. Moir, Miles A. Hemstrom, Sarah E. Greene and Bradley G. Smith


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Last Updated: 06-Mar-2007