The Grizzlies of Mount McKinley
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In the course of a 20-year study of the grizzly bears of Mount McKinley National Park, Adolph Murie had the continuous support of the National Park Service by whom he was employed during the major part of the time. Also during those years the personnel at the park were interested and helpful. Many of the Park Rangers reported their observations of grizzlies in the course of their regular work, and the bus drivers were also helpful in this regard, as they traveled the park highway daily. In addition, there were numerous wildlife photographers who recounted their experiences with grizzlies.

Special thanks are due to Charles Ott, a professional photographer who was employed at McKinley National Park during several years of the study and who was most generous with advice on camera equipment and with his own photographs.

For plant identification the author had the superior knowledge of Dr. Eric Hulten, the foremost authority on arctic flora around the world, from the Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet in Stockholm, Sweden. Dr. Hulten spent 2 weeks with us in the field, collecting and pressing plants, and it was a distinct advantage to be able to discuss various species of plants with him.

Murie's son, Dr. Jan O. Murie of the Zoology Department at the University of Alberta, Canada, was responsible for organizing the vast amount of written material in publishable form.

Special thanks are extended to Dr. Allen Stokes of Utah State University at Logan, Utah, who reviewed the manuscript and suggested changes, many of which were incorporated, and to Dr. F. C. Dean of the University of Alaska for his review of a later draft.

I am grateful to Margaret Murie who assisted me in typing the manuscript.

Moose, Wyoming


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