History of Scotts Bluff National Monument
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This history of Scotts Bluff National Monument helps to fulfill a project of the National Parks Service, namely, to complete an "administrative" history of each of the areas under its jurisdiction. Unlike most of the other histories, this one is being published and made available to the public.

Space and publication costs necessitate a compact format and condensation of materials, omitting much information of less vital importance. The author wishes to thank all of those people who gave assistance in various ways in helping to prepare this monograph, and especially to the Oregon Trail Museum Association who financed its publication.

This history supplements Merrill J. Mattes' handbook, SCOTTS BLUFF NATIONAL MONUMENT, NEBRASKA, published in 1958 by the Government Printing Office, commencing where that story ends and bringing it to present times.

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History of Scotts Bluff National Monument
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