History of Scotts Bluff National Monument
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Appendix D

List of Rangers and Historians since Establishment

NameTitlePeriod of Service
Dr. Harold J. CookTemporary Ranger5-16-34 to 6-15-35
Merrill J. MattesJunior Historian10-1-35 to 6-25-38
Charles E. HumbergerTemporary Ranger7-5-38 to 12-12-39
A. Lynn CoffinPark Ranger6-5-40 to 3-4-43
G. Lee Sneddon*Park Ranger3-5-43 to 11-7-46
Herbert W. Marcellus**Park Ranger9-7-44 to 2-21-46
David L. HiebPark Ranger11-15-46 to 5-1-47
Forrest M. Bensen, Jr.Park Ranger6-15-47 to 4-15-48
Luther S. WinsorPark Ranger7-31-48 to 5-26-51
Coyt H. HackettSup. Park Ranger6-12-51 to 3-12-56
Eli (Dan) PottsPark Historian6-11-56 to 7-28-57
Earl R. HarrisPark Historian7-29-57 to

*Ranger Sneddon was absent on military furlough from 6-25-44 to 4-22-46.

**Herbert W. Marcellus was hired on a War Service Indefinite Appointment.

List of Clerical Employees Since Establishment

NameTitlePeriod of Service
John M. BurrussJr. Clerk-Stenographer8-2-40 to 1-28-42
Ethel L. MeinzerJr. Clerk-Stenographer8-3-42 to 5-15-43
Louise RidgeAdministrative Assistant6-18-43 to


Edward WolfForeman I — Caretaker8-25-58 to


History of Scotts Bluff National Monument
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