History of Scotts Bluff National Monument
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Appendix C

List of Custodians and Superintendents since Establishment

NameTitlePeriod of Service
Willie (Will) M. MaupinCustodian4-10-20 to 7-1-24
Albert N. MathersCustodian9-4-25 to 6-15-34
Dr. Harold J. CookActing Custodian6-15-34 to 12-20-34
Dr. Harold J. CookCustodian12-20-34 to 4-11-35
Dr. Harold J. CookActing Custodian4-11-35 to 7-15-35
Charles E. RandelsActing Custodian7-15-35 to 6-25-38
Merrill J. MattesCustodian6-25-38 to 3-19-46
David de Lancey CondonActing Custodian9-15-38 to 11-1-38
Charles E. HumbergerActing Custodian11-1-38 to 6-16-39
Robert R. BudlongCustodian3-19-46 to 1-1-49
Robert R. BudlongSuperintendent1-1-49 to 7-19-54
Frank H. AndersonSuperintendent9-5-54 to 1-25-58
John W. HennebergerSuperintendent2-2-58 to 1-9-62
Harold R. JonesSuperintendent3-62 to


History of Scotts Bluff National Monument
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