Scotts Bluff
Administrative History
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Photographs of Scotts Bluff National Monument

view from highway
Nebraska Highway 92 as it stretches east through Mitchell Pass. The historic Oregon Trail is to the left. (Photograph by Ron Cockrell)

bluff and park facilities
With the huge bluff in the background, the buildings from left to right are: Ranger's Residence; Summit Road Toll Station; Visitor Center/Oregon Trail Museum; and Public Restroom Facility. In the foreground is the paved visitor parking area. (Photograph courtesy of Superintendent, Scotts Bluff NM)

visitor center
NPS information and OTMA sales desk in the lobby of the Visitor Center. Beyond the swinging doors is an administrative office. (Photograph by Ron Cockrell)

museum exhibits
Exhibits on the history of Scotts Bluff in the Oregon Trail Museum. The OTMA book sales display is in the foreground. (Photograph by Ron Cockrell)

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Last Updated: 19-Jan-2003