Rocky Mountain
Administrative History
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This administrative history of Rocky Mountain National Park was prepared in 1966-67 under a National Park Service contract by Mr. Lloyd K. Musselman, then of Denver, Colorado. The format and style of the report differ in many aspects from those usually employed by the Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation. However they are valid; and very few changes have been made in them. In some rare instances, such as the manner of identifying book titles, small changes were made. The list of park superintendents has been brought up to date. Also, a few long bibliographic entries (those referring to many individual newspaper issues) have been shortened.

The justification for reproducing this worthy study is to make available a sufficient number of bound copies for the various levels of management within the National Park Service that are or might be concerned with the subject.

The original final copy of the report was not available for reproduction. Rather than a reproduction made from a machine copy, the decision was made to retype the document. This typing was delayed until it could be suitably done without interferring with the regular program in the Office of History and Historic Architecture, Eastern Service Center. Thanks are extended to the four ladies who turned out the report in record breaking time. They are: Mrs. Beatrice Libys, Miss Debra Mason, Miss Nancy Reed, and Mrs. Judy Sprouse.

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