Rocky Mountain
Administrative History
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This study contains the administrative history of Rocky Mountain National Park from its creation in 1915 to 1965, fifty years. It is divided thematically into 13 chapters and a conclusion.

Chapter I reviews the history of white settlers in the area prior to 1915. Chapter II describes the creation of the park. The next three chapters, III-V, discuss the controversies and court battles concerning transportation and roads. Chapter VI covers the developments of roads and trails. The Civilian Conservation Corps is discussed in Chapter VII. Chapter VIII traces the history of the Colorado-Big Thompson Project. The story of Wildlife Management is found in Chapter IX. Chapter X describes the park naturalist and the development of an interpretive program. Chapter XI discusses winter sports, with emphasis on skiing in Hidden Valley. Chapter XII dwells on inholdings, concessioners, and boundary extensions. The final chapter, XIII, tells the story of the park rangers.

There follow some conclusions by the author concerning the history of the administration of Rocky Mountain National Park, an appendix that lists the park superintendents, and a bibliography.

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