The River of Sorrows:
The History of the Lower Dolores River Valley
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CHAPTER ONE: "Valley of the River of Sorrows: A Historical Overview of the Dolores River Valley."
Duane A. Smith

CHAPTER TWO: "Ranching and Farming in the Lower Dolores River Valley."
Linda Dishman

CHAPTER THREE: "Eastern Capital and Frontier Initiative: The History of the Montezuma Valley Irrigation System."
Maureen Gerhold

CHAPTER FOUR: "McPhee, Colorado: A 20th Century Lumber Company Town."
Lisa Mausolf

Historic American Buildings Survey
Historic American Engineering Record

Department of the Interior
Bureau of Reclamation
National Park Service

This history partially fulfills the Memorandum of Understanding No. 1-07-40-S1954 between the Bureau of Reclamation, Upper Colorado Regional Office and the National Park Service, Rocky Mountain Regional Office.

U.S. Department of the Interior
National Park Service
Russell E. Dickenson, Director
Bureau of Reclamation
Robert N. Broadbent
Rocky Mountain Regional Office
Lorraine Mintzmyer, Regional Director
Upper Colorado Regional Office
Clifford I. Barrett, Regional Office

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