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Undeveloped Seashore Areas of Delaware (Vicinity Map) (click on image for an enlargement in a new window)

Rehoboth Beach North

Location: North of Rehoboth Beach to Cape Henlopen.
Accessibility: By beach buggy, jeep and boat.
Description of Area: Near Cape Henlopen is an extensive formation of sand dunes reaching 70 feet in height. South of the dunes is a low and partly marshy area of about 1,500 acres (Gordon Pond) with 2 miles of excellent beach, and tree and shrub cover that progresses from sparse to medium density inward from the beach. Continuing southward, a strip averaging about 800 to 1,000 feet in width along the shore is characterized by medium-sized dunes and clean, gently sloping beach. Inland from the beach and intermittently along the bay side, there are good stands of trees and shrubs.
Present Use: At Cape Henlopen is Fort Miles, an Army installation, whose development occupies all of the cape and some of the larger dunes to the south. Most of the area south of Fort Miles property to just north of Rehoboth Beach is owned by the State of Delaware.
Analysis: The area, if retained in public ownership, would serve well as a seashore recreation area when the demand warrants its use.

Rehoboth Beach North


Bethany Beach North

Two and one-half miles of good beach, directly north of Bethany Beach and adjacent to State-owned property below Indian River Inlet, would be a desirable addition to the State lands, thereby providing a continuous stretch of public beach from just south of Dewey Beach to Bethany Beach, a distance of over 10 miles. However, these lands are in private ownership and portions are being subdivided and sold.

Bethany Beach

Dewey Beach South

This area is a small segment of undeveloped beach lying between Dewey Beach and the State-owned land to the south, and is similar in character to that already possessed by the State. If the present holdings of the State of Delaware are expanded, it should be considered.

Fenwick Island South

This area is another small segment of undeveloped beach land between the Maryland State line and the State holdings immediately to the north. Here again this would, if acquired, extend the present holdings of the State of Delaware for public recreational purposes.

Fenwick Island

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Last Updated: 25-Jun-2007