Wildlife Portfolio of the Western National Parks
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WILDLIFE its study, conservation, and management has become important in public consciousness of the outdoors. Making pictures of wildlife is a popular hobby. Many visitors to our national parks go to these places with photography as an objective. Here all animal life is protected, and the rifle, shotgun, and trap are unknown. Picture makers, on the contrary, whether young or old, expert or novice, armed with the simplest or most elaborate equipment, are welcomed to "hunt."

As a standard for camera enthusiasts and for the enjoyment of others who simply like to look, the National Park Service is pleased to present this portfolio of pictures. Most of them have been made by that pioneer in the field of wildlife study, Joseph S. Dixon, who has also contributed the text of interesting life-history facts and anecdotes of his experiences with wild animals. We believe that park visitors will profit from this work of Mr. Dixon and the others who have kindly allowed use of their prize photographs.

This book, as well as the financial assistance that made many of the photographs possible, is due to the inspiration and generosity of the late George M. Wright, founder and first Chief of the Wildlife Division of the National Park Service (now the Section on National Park Wildlife. Fish and Wildlife Service).

Director, National Park Service.

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Last Updated: 01-Jul-2010