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The Library of Congress, joining with the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) and the Federal Library and Information Center Committee (FLICC), wishes to express its thanks to several organizations and individuals for their role in bringing to fruition the symposium "To Preserve and Protect: The Strategic Stewardship of Cultural Resources." Duane Webster of ARL provided expert advice on symposium speakers, and Kaylyn Hipps, also of ARL, coordinated with the Library on registering symposium participants. Susan Tarr, executive director of FLICC, provided staff to coordinate the project and ensure its smooth operation.

The symposium was one of several sponsored by the Library's Bicentennial Steering Committee, chaired by John Cole, director of the Center for the Book, and JoAnn Jenkins, chief of staff, Office of the Librarian. Members of the committee included Norma Baker, director, Development Office; Jill Brett, public affairs officer; Laura Campbell, associate librarian for strategic initiatives; Geraldine Otremba, director, Congressional Relations Office; Roberta Stevens, bicentennial program manager; and Winston Tabb, associate librarian for library services.

The symposium planning committee, consisting of members of the Library's Collections Security Oversight Committee, was chaired by Lynne McCay, assistant director, Information Research Division, Congressional Research Service. Members of the planning committee included Mark Dimunation, chief, Rare Book and Special Collections Division; Doris Hamburg, head, Preventive Preservation Section, Conservation Division, Preservation; Steven Herman, chief, Collections Management Division, Public Service Collections; James Schenkel, protective services officer, Office of Security; and Charles Stanhope, special assistant to the chief of staff, Office of the Librarian.

The symposium oversight committee provided guidance to the planning committee. Members included Nancy Davenport, director for acquisitions; Diane Kresh, director for Public Service Collections; Kenneth Lopez, director of security; Debra McKemn, acting chief, Prints and Photographs Division; Mark Roosa, director for preservation; and Virginia Sorkin, special assistant to the chief of staff. Office of the Librarian.

The Bicentennial Program Office managed the day-to-day operations. Roberta Stevens deserves special mention for her steady and expert guidance. She was ably assisted by Robert Sokol, Web and graphic designer, and Cynthia Joy, program assistant. The office provided oversight for the three project coordinators who worked during the two years from inception to completion: Patti Fields of FLICC, who performed the initial research; Jane Caulton of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, who did the research and planning; and Kathleen Eighmey of FLICC, who oversaw the final implementation of these plans.

The symposium was designed to present topics of common concern and to provide a way for participants to brainstorm on challenges and collaborative initiatives. The twenty-eight leaders of the breakout sessions underwent special training in advance of their roles to lead and facilitate those sessions. The session leaders came from the Library of Congress, FLICC, the Smithsonian Institution, the National Archives and Records Administration, and the Department of State.

The Library's Public Affairs Office provided excellent coverage of the symposium. The Office of Special Events and Public Programs and Facility Services provided logistical support. Information Technology Services made the symposium sessions available on the Library of Congress Web site. Many other dedicated staff members throughout the Library provided assistance in a wide variety of areas, including conducting tours, making special presentations, and providing logistical support. We thank them for their responsiveness, their hard work, and their contributions in ways too numerous to recount.

And, finally, we thank those involved in the preparation of this book, a permanent record of the symposium's proceedings that can by used by those involved with cultural heritage institutions. Doris Hamburg and Andrea Merrill, Office of Security, collaborated in the initial editing, until Doris Hamburg left the Library to become director of preservation at the National Archives and Records Administration. Andrea Merrill expertly completed the editing of all papers, putting together the manuscript for the book. Linda Thomas, Office of Security, prepared the final manuscript for design and composition. In the Library's Publishing Office, Evelyn Sinclair, editor, reviewed the final manuscript, and Gloria Baskerville-Holmes managed the book's production. Susan Nedrow created the index. The book was designed by Anne Theilgard of Kachergis Book Design. Ralph Eubanks, director of publishing at the Library of Congress, oversaw all phases of publication and distribution of the book.

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   September 15, 2008
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