Cultures at a Crossroads: An Administrative History
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1923 John E. White acts as Caretaker, paid out-of-pocket by Charles C. Heaton
1924-1925 John E. White acts as Caretaker, paid out-of-pocket by Stephen T. Mather
1926 C. Leonard Heaton hired as Caretaker for $1 a month, February 8, 1926
1932 C. Leonard Heaton appointed full-time Custodian for $75 a month
1953 Seasonal Laborer Melvin Kelsey ("Kelly") Heaton hired May 15, 1953
1954 Sherwin Heaton hired as seasonal laborer
1955 C. Leonard Heaton promoted to Acting Superintendent, GS-07, December 15, 1955
Sherwin and Lowell Heaton work very briefly as seasonal laborers
Robin Grant Brown hired as seasonal laborer
1956 Seasonal Park Historian, Lloyd Snow Sandberg enters on duty (EOD) June 8, 1956 (also works summer of 1957 and on intermittent basis into early 1960s)
1957 Seasonal Laborers: Carl W. Johnson and Kelly Heaton
1958 Park Historian James C. ("Jim") McKown, EOD February 10, 1958
Seasonal Laborers: Gary Heaton and Ray Mose (works to ca. 1967)
1959 Seasonal Laborers: Ray Mose, Allen Drye, Clair Ford, Harry Judd, Sherwin Heaton, Ivan A. Goodall
1960 Park Historian Jim McKown transfers to Grand Canyon National Park, June 30, 1960
Park Historian Max P. Peterson EOD August 22, 1960
Seasonal Laborers: Ray Mose, Grant Heaton, Harry Judd, Clifford K. Heaton
1961 Park Historian Max Peterson resigns August 19, 1961
Park Historian Robert ("Bob") W. Olsen, Jr., EOD August 28, 1961
1962 Seasonal Laborer: Ray Mose
1963 Acting Superintendent C. Leonard Heaton retires, September 14, 1963
Management Assistant Hugh H. Bozarth, GS-09, EOD October 14, 1963
Joe Bolander hired as caretaker, September 3, 1963
Seasonal Laborer: Ray Mose
1966 Park Historian Robert Olsen transfers to Whitman Historic Site, leaving September 23, 1966
1967 Seasonal Historian Paul C. Heaton hired part-time March 12, 1967, converted to full-time May 27, 1967
Management Assistant Hugh H. Bozarth transfers to White Sands National Monument, early September 1967
Acting Management Assistant James M. Harter, GS-05, EOD September 5, 1967
Seasonal Laborer Melvin ("Mel") Heaton hired fall, 1967
1968 Acting Management Assistant James M. Harter transfers to Oregon Caves National Monument, April 5, 1968
Supervisory Park Historian Raymond J. Geerdes, GS-11, EOD April 25, 1968
Seasonal Historian Allen Malmquist hired for summer, May, 1968
Seasonal Historian Paul C. Heaton rehired for summer
Neighborhood Youth Corps (NYC) program (summer) — 15 enrollees (10 boys, 5 girls) for summer
NYC out-of-school program (fall and/or winter) approximately 8 enrollees
Youth Conservation Corps — 5 enrollees (1 summer, 4 fall)
Joe Bolander promoted to Park Guide, subject to furlough, November 17, 1968
Doyle C. Winder hired as temporary laborer, November 1968
1969 Ray Geerdes' title changed to Management Assistant, early August 1969
Ray Geerdes' title changed to Area Manager, November 1969
Seasonal Historian Allen Malmquist rehired for summer
Seasonal Historian Paul C. Heaton rehired for summer
Konda Button hired under Operation Mainstream as clerk/receptionist October 1969
NYC in-school program — 18 enrollees for summer
NYC out-of-school program, approximately 9
Volunteers active in cattle branding demonstrations; number not reported
David Johnson hired as intermittent laborer for summer
1970 Seasonal Historian Anthony G. Heaton hired, spring 1970
Seasonal Historian Allen Malmquist rehired for summer
Seasonal Historian Paul C. Heaton rehired for summer
Area Manager Raymond J. Geerdes transfers to Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, leaving October 7, 1970
Park Naturalist James Schaack appointed Acting Park Manager (for about 4 months, October 8, 1970 to February 13, 1971)
NYC in-school program — 19 enrollees for summer
NYC out-of-school program — 2 enrollees for summer
Operation Mainstream — 2 employees
Volunteers active in cattle branding demonstrations; number not reported
David Johnson rehired as intermittent laborer
Alfred Drye hired as intermittent laborer
1971 Superintendent Bernard G. Tracy EOD, February 14, 1971
Seasonal Historians — unreported
NYC program — 18 enrollees (11 girls, 7 boys)
Summer Aids — 4 (3 girls, 1 boy)
1972 Park Historian Richard K. Wilt EOD late October 1972
3 park technicians (seasonal)
3 park aids, GS-01 and GS-02 (seasonal)
NYC program – 14 enrollees (8 girls, 6 boys)
Volunteers in Parks (VIPs) — 18 (10 women, 8 men)
1973 Clerk/Typist Konda Button, appointed to career-conditional position
NYC program – active, but number of enrollees not reported
VIPs — active in branding demonstration and in planning for dedication of Kaibab-Paiute Cultural Center; number not reported
1974 Konda Button married and resigned her position May 16, 1974
Seasonal Park Aid Nora Heaton hired for clerk/typist position July 1, 1974
Seasonal Park Aid Yvonne Heaton hired for summer
Seasonal laborer Elwin John (Kaibab Paiute) hired for summer
Rick Wilt transfers to Badlands National Park, November 1974
NYC program - active, but total number of enrollees not reported
VIPs — active in branding demonstrations; number not reported
1975 Park Historian Glenn O. Clark, GS-09, EOD March 30, 1975
Seasonal Park Aids: Adeline Johnson, Lisa Heaton, Clorene Hoyt (local whites) and Lori Jake (Kaibab Paiute)
Seasonal Laborer Elwin John rehired
NYC Program – 8 enrollees (6 girls and 2 boys)
VIPs — active in branding demonstrations; number not reported
1976 Park Technician Joe Bolander resigned after 12 years at PISP, January 31, 1976
Park Technician Dale Scheier, GS-05, hired June 6, 1976
Park Technician Paul Happel hired in new position, GS-04, August 17, 1976
Seasonal Park Aids: Adeline Johnson, Lisa Heaton, Nora Heaton, Clorene Hoyt, Carla Esplin (local whites), and Lori Jake (Kaibab Paiute). Leta Segmiller and Elva Drye hired for Indian craft demonstrations
Seasonal Laborer Elwin John, rehired for summer
CETA —11 employees (5 girls, 6 boys)
VIPs — 27 total (14 in cattle branding demonstration, 13 in wagon trek)
1977 Park Historian Glenn Clark transfers to Virgin Islands National Park in late July, 1977; position is abolished
Park Technician Paul Happel transfers to Point Reyes National Seashore in late September, 1977
Seasonal Laborer Carlos Bullets hired for summer
CETA — 9 employees (6 girls and 3 boys)
VIPs — 16 participants (10 in branding demonstrations, 4 in wagon trek, 2 in fort)
1978 Park Aid Nora Heaton promoted to park technician (clerk/typist), GS-03/04, January 15, 1978; promoted to GS-04 on August 29, 1978
Park Technician (Historian) Fred Banks, Jr., GS-06/07, hired February 26, 1978
Dale Scheier promoted to GS-06, July 16, 1978
Seasonal Laborer Carlos Bullets rehired for summer; Bob Higgins also hired (?)
Four Seasonal Park Aids employed as interpreters (one Native American — Lori Jake?)
CETA — 10 employees (9 girls and 1 boy, unnamed)
VIPs — 9, participants in one branding demonstration
1979 Bernard Tracy officially retires on January 13 (continues to work to April 7)
Superintendent William M. Herr, GS-11, EOD April 8, 1979
Maintenance Worker Melvin Heaton resigns after nearly 13 years, May 12, 1979
5 Seasonal Park Aids, interpreters (all women: Adeline Johnson, Jolene Heaton, Debbie Judd, and 2 others unnamed.)
Three Seasonal Laborers - Bob Higgins, Burton Rust, Kristine Brinkerhoff.
CETA —9 employees (8 girls and 1 boy, unnamed)
VIPs —20 participants in branding demonstrations
1980 1 Seasonal Park Technician, interpretation (Adeline Johnson)
1 Seasonal Park Technician, laborer (_?_ Heaton)
3 Seasonal Park Aids (Pat Lomax, Andy Schmutz, and Lori Jake)
2 Seasonal Laborers (Dan Lomax, Burton Rust)
8 CETA employees: 5 interpreters (Barbara Anderson, Marion Cox, Lucy Cox, Kim Heaton, and Debbie Johnson) and 2 laborers, 1 as museum aid (Cheryl Burch)
1 Student Conservation Association (SCA) worker (Jane Kimball)
VIPs — 18, branding, blacksmithing and other work
1981 Dale Scheier transfers to Great Sand Dunes NM, COB April 18, 1981
Maintenance Mechanic C. Douglas Dewitz, EOD November 1, 1981
4 Seasonal Park Technicians, interpretation (Adeline Johnson, Andy Schmutz, Debbie Stender, Julie Heaton)
? Seasonal Park Aids (Lori Jake + ?)
2 Seasonal Laborers (Burton Rust, Sam Tom)
8 CETA employees: 6 interpreters (Lucy Cox, Hallie Cram, Kim Heaton, Garry Russell, Brent Johnson, Barbara Anderson), 2 laborers (Steven Homer, Marion Cox; Eric Anderson also mentioned as CETA maintenance worker)
1 SCA worker (Lynn Lancaster) 18 VIPs: 11 branding, 5 blacksmithing, 2 interpreting in fort
1982 Nora Heaton retires, December 25, 1982
2 Seasonal Park Aids, interpreters (Adeline Johnson, Julie Heaton)
1 Seasonal Park Technician, interpreter
2 Seasonal laborers (Burton Rust, Sam Tom)
1 SCA (Kati Jokerst)
7 CETA employees: 5 interpreters (Lucy Cox, Brent Johnson, Barbara Anderson, Janet and Nannette Davis), and 2 laborers (Marion Cox and Garry Russell)
28 VIPs: 21 branding, 4 blacksmithing, 3 interpreting in fort
1983 Seasonal Typist Lillie Mae Smith, EOD February 28, 1983; left March 24, 1983
Administrative Clerk Jeff Frank, EOD May 16, 1983
4 Seasonal Park Aids, interpreters (Barbara Anderson, Andy Schmutz, Julie Heaton, Lucy Cox)
3 Seasonal laborers (Sam Tom, Gordon Shearer, Ralph Castro)
6 CETA employees: 4 interpreters, 2 laborers (Brent Johnson, Janette and Janet Davis, Michael Holmes, James Cox, Marion Cox)
1 Seasonal Museum Aid (Kim Heaton)
1 SCA, Museum Aid (Lauren Clark)
25 VIPs: branding, blacksmithing, and fair booth
1984 4 Seasonal Park Aids, interpreters (Debbie Johnson, Andy Schmutz, Lauren Clark, Mary Berentz)
3 Seasonal laborers (Sam Tom, Gordon Shearer; third person unnamed)
6 Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) employees: 4 interpreters (Diane Kropf, Jannette and Janet Davis, James Cox) and 2 laborers (Marion and Lucy Cox)
1 SCA (Frances Herbert)
14 VIPs: branding, blacksmithing, interpreting
1985 5 Seasonal Park Aids, interpreters (Mary Dalton, Julie Heaton, Adeline Johnson, Yvonne Heaton, Mary Dewitz)
2 Seasonal laborers (Sam Tom, Gordon Shearer)
9 JTPAs (Janet Davis, Marlene Cox, James Cox, Rodney Drye, Kim Chamberlain, Carlon Hoyt, Robert Davis, RaChel Griffiths, Kathy Heaton.)
4 Indian Development District of Arizona (IDDA) ( Pat Castro, Tim Castro, Herschel Hill, Philip Lopez)
2 ____ (TGB) (Glena Lee, Carol Pikyvit)
2 SCAs (Debra Pifer, Lulu Chye)
1986 Jeff Frank transfers to Zion National Park, COB May 10, 1986
Clerk-Typist Jewel Harter, EOD December 7, 1986
4 Seasonal Park Aids, interpreters (Yvonne Heaton, Adeline Johnson, Jo Ann Bean, Mary Dewitz)
2 Seasonal laborers (Sam Tom, Gordon Shearer)
8 JTPAs (Kathy Heaton, Kim Chamberlain, Robert Davis, John Barney, Marlene Cox, Opal Hill, Millie Sexton, Alberta Jo)
2 SCAs (Elizabeth Prather, Lulu Chye)
86 VIPs: branding, blacksmithing, clogging demonstrations
1987 Jewel Harter, transfers to Yosemite, August 26, 1987
Clerk-Typist Marlene Frederick, EOD October 11, 1987
5 Seasonal Park Aids, interpreters (Maurine Cundick, Yvonne Heaton, JoAnn Bean, Adeline Johnson; Mary Dewitz)
3 Seasonal laborers (Sam Tom, Gordon Shearer, Roland Spendlove)
12 JTPAs (Millie Sexton, Genevieve Homer, Matt Heaton, Juanita Heaton, Robert Davis, Alberta Joe, Frank Nakadama, Victor Bunnus, Leonard
Joe, Irene Martinez, John Barney, Herschel Hill)
1 SCA (Amanda McLeod)
150 VIPs: branding, blacksmithing, clogging demonstrations; Take Pride in American cleanup, holiday decor
1988 Seasonal Museum Curator Zula Brinkerhoff, EOD March 27, 1988
Marlene Frederick marries and changes last name to "Coombs," September
Seasonal Park Ranger (Maurine Cundick)
3 Seasonal Park Aids, interpreters (Yvonne Heaton, Nedra Heaton, Mary Dewitz; possibly 1-2 others)
2 Seasonal laborers (Harvey Segundo, Sam Tom)
6 JTPAs (Millie and Jackie Sexton, Benjamin and Matt Heaton, Herschel Hill)
1 SCA (Cathy Clifton)
139 VIPs: branding, blacksmithing, dancing, interpreting, Indian crafts, holiday décor
1989 Bill Herr transfers to Golden Spike National Historic Site, EOD January 15, 1989
John W. Hiscock appointed Acting Superintendent, January 15 to May 6, 1989
Superintendent Gary M. Hasty, EOD May 7, 1989
Fred Banks transfers to Mount Rushmore National Memorial (no date given)
Park Ranger, GS-09, position created (name of Banks' successor?)
Marlene Coombs (Administrative Assistant? No hiring date reported.)
Seasonal staff: 2 GS-03 females, 1 GS-03 female handicapped, 2 WG-03 Native Americans, 1 WG-03 male
? VIPs: branding, blacksmithing
1990 Ranger Mary C. Davis transfers from Vicksburg Nat. Military Park, July 1990
Marlene Frederick transfers to Golden Spike NHS, September 1990
Administrative Clerk Pat Yero hired, late September 1990

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