Cultures at a Crossroads: An Administrative History
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Copies of the following maps and drawings were collected and referenced during the course of researching the monument's administrative history. (All are now part of the monument's administrative history research collection.) In some cases, documents were available at more than one location; however, only one was listed.

Location Codes:

BIA: Bureau of Indian Affairs, Phoenix, AZ
Bancroft: Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, CA
DSC Library: Denver Service Center Library, Denver, CO
DSC/TIC: Denver Service Center, Technical Information Center, Denver, CO
NARA I: National Archives and Record Administration, Washington, D.C.
NARA II: National Archives and Record Administration, College Park, Maryland
NARA/RM: National Archives and Record Administration, Rocky Mountain Region, Denver, CO
NARA/SB: National Archives and Record Administration, San Bruno, CA
NPS/WRD: National Park Service, Water Resources Division, Ft. Collins, CO
PISP: Pipe Spring National Monument, Fredonia, AZ
UP: Union Pacific Museum, Omaha, NE
ZION: Zion National Park Archives, Springdale, UT
1870s(none)Expeditions of 1871, 1872, 1873 (John W. Powell surveys)Bancroft Dec.11,
1886(none)Two Mile Run Survey (John M. MacFarlane)Utah State Hist. Soc.
pre-1900 conditions(none)Mormon Settlements along the Arizona Strip and in Arizona (Walker and Bufkin, Historical Atlas of Arizona)Public Library
pre-1900 conditions(none)Map showing early settlement and roads in Arizona (McClintock, Mormon Settlement in Arizona)Public Library
pre-1900 conditions(none)Map showing boundary changes to Utah and surrounding territories, 1850-1896 (Beck and Haase, Historical Atlas of the American West)Public Library
Feb.15, 1916(none)Public Land Survey, T 40N, R 4W (USGS)NPS/WRD
1920(none)National Park-to-Park Highway (NPS)DSC Library
April, 1921 (?)#9897Kaibab Reservation, Arizona (plat map)NARA II
1921 (?)#9683Kaibab Reservation, Arizona (Office of Indian Affairs)NARA II
1921 (or 1923?)(none)Map Showing Highways connecting CEBR, N. Rim of GRCA, & Kaibab Forest & Railroads from which Stage Lines Operate BRCA, UP
1922(none)Auto Trails Map, State of Utah (Rand McNally)UP
Jan. 1922(none)Map Showing Highways connecting BRCA, ZION, CEBR, & North Rim of the GRCA (UP)UP
1923(none)Map Showing Roads connecting CEBR, BRCA, N. Rim of GRCA, and ZIONNARA/RM
1923(none)Utah State Trunk Lines (State Road Commission)UP
Feb. 1924(none)Map of Transportation System and Railroad Connections of the Utah-Arizona Parks Transportation Co. (UP)UP
1924(none)Tours of ZION, CEBR, BRCA, and GRCA (UP)UP
1924(none; Engle's 5/14/24 report)Kaibab Reservation (BIA?)BIA
May 1924(none; Engle's5/13/24 letter)untitled map showing "suggested public watering place" on Kaibab Indian Reservation (Department of the Interior, US Indian Irrigation Service)PISP
Feb. 1924(none; see letter of 3/21/25)untitled map showing roads connecting S. Utah & N. Arizona parks; road improvements, by source of funding (UP)UP
Feb. 1924(none; see letter of 3/21/25)untitled map showing roads connecting S. Utah & N. Arizona parks; status of improvements (UP)UP
May 1924(none)Kaibab Indian Reservation (Department of the Interior, US Indian Irrigation Service) BIABIA
May 1929(none)Map showing location of ZION, BRCA, BRCA, Kaibab National Forest and CEBR (UP)UP
1930(none)Sketch Map of SW Utah and GRCA (Los Angeles Times; reprinted in ZION/BRCA circular, 1930)ZION
1930(none)Map Showing Roads Connecting CEBR, BRCA, N. of GRCA, and ZION (ZION/BRCA circular, 1930)DSC Library
Nov. 1932(see letter of 1/7/32)Map of Pipe Spring National Monument Showing the Irrigation and Plant Life (hand-drawn by L. Heaton)NARA II
Nov. 1933(none)Pipe Spring National Monument (+ division box)NPS/WRD
Dec. 1933(illegible)General Development Plan (NPS)NARA II
Dec. 1933NM/PS-4933Sketch Map Showing Water Situation (NPS)PISP
Dec. 1933(none)Sketch Map Showing Tunnel Spring (L. Heaton)NARA II
April 1934NM/PS-4936Boundary Survey Map (NPS)PISP
April 1934NM/PS-4937Topographical SheetDSC/TIC
May 1934NM/PS-4945Water Division Structure (NPS)DSC/TIC
Oct. 1934NM/PS-4939Proposed Entrance Road (NPS)PISP
Jan. 1935NM/PS-4940Proposed Approach Road (NPS)PISP
March 1935NM/PS-3062A Western Camping Fireplace (NPS)PISP
May 1935NM/PS-4942Proposed Fence Improvements (NPS)PISP
August 1935NM/PS-3005Layout Plan & ECW Projects (NPS)PISP
Sept. 1935NM/PS-8101Project Plan, ECW 6th Per., Camp - DG44 (NPS)NARA II
Jan. 1936NM/PS-3001A PISP Master Plan cover (NPS)NARA II
Jan. 1936NM/PS-3002A Plan of the Monument (NPS)NARA II
Jan. 1936NM/PS-3003A General Development Plan (NPS)NARA II
Jan. 1936NM/PS-4947Headquarters Area, Utilities Layout (NPS)NARA II
Jan. 1936NM/PS-4946Proposed Campground Road (NPS)PISP
Feb. 1936(none)site location of Whitmore dugout (L. Heaton)NARA/RM
March 1936NM/PS-4949Proposed Foot Paths (NPS)PISP
March 1936ECW Project 5Ditches - Diversion (NPS)PISP
March 1936NM/PS-4950Proposed Parking Area and Boulder Curb (NPS)PISP
March 1936NM/PS-4948Proposed Flood Control Ditch, Central Area (NPS)PISP
April 1936(none)Plat Showing Location of Pipe Springs Acreage (hand-drawn; unknown author)NARA II
April 1936NM/PS-4941[title block not copied; depicts Public Works Projects]PISP
Jan. 1937NM/PS-3001BPISP Master Plan cover (NPS)NARA II
Jan. 1937NM/PS-3002BPlan of the Monument (NPS)NARA II
Jan. 1937NM/PS-3003BGeneral Development Plan (NPS)NARA II
Jan. 1937NM/PS-4953Headquarters Area, Utilities Layout (NPS)NARA II
April 1937NM/PS-4952Water System Study (NPS)NARA II
Aug. 1937NM/PS-5700AProposed Water System (NPS)PISP
Sept. 1937(none)Temporary Garage (NPS, preliminary plans)NARA/RM
Jan. 1938NM/PS-3001CCover, Master Plan (NPS)NARA II
Jan. 1938NM/PS-3002CPlan of the Monument (NPS)NARA II
Jan. 1938NM/PS-3003CGeneral Development Plan (NPS)NARA II
July 1938NM/PS-5701Headquarters Area, Utilities Layout (NPS)NARA II
Oct. 1938NM/PS-5350Proposed Sewage System & Septic Tank (NPS)PISP
Oct. 1938NM/PS-5351Proposed Concrete Culvert (NPS)PISP
March 1939NM/PS-5351A Proposed Slab Bridge (NPS)PISP
May 1939NM/PS-2027Signs, Garbage Containers, Hydrants (NPS)PISP
Jan. 1940NM/PS-3003DGeneral Development Plan (NPS)DSC/TIC
Jan. 1940NM/PS-3002DIndex and Key Map, Master Plan (NPS)DSC/TIC
Sept. 1940Fed.Proj.498A Historic American Buildings Survey, Pipe Spring Fort & Cabins (NPS)DSC/TIC
Jan. 1940NM/PS-5701A Utilities Layout, Headquarters Area (NPS)DSC/TIC
ca. 1941(none)(untitled; map of Kaibab Indian Reservation)PISP
Jan. 1942NM/PS-2025BCustodian's Residence (NPS)PISP
Jan. 1942(none)Floor Plan of Custodian's Residence (sketch of CCC building, L. Heaton)PISP
May 1942NM/PS-2029Public Contact and Comfort Station (NPS)DSC/TIC
July 1943NM/PS-2032AGasoline and Oil House (NPS)DSC/TIC
Feb. 1944NM/PS-2031Utility Building (NPS)DSC/TIC
May 1945 (?)NM/PS-2026Planting Sketch and Toilet Locations (H. Cornell, NPS)PISP
June 1945NM/PS-2029CContact Station (NPS)DSC/TIC
1946NM/PS-3100Cover, Master Plan (NPS)DSC/TIC
Oct. 1946NM/PS-2101Developed Area Plan (NPS)DSC/TIC
Nov. 1946NM/PS-5701BUtilities Layout (NPS)DSC/TIC
1946(none)Development Outline, Developed Area, Master Plan (NPS)DSC/TIC
1946(none)Development Outline, Interpretation, Master PlanDSC/TIC
1947(unknown)Cover, Master Plan; Development Outline (NPS)PISP
1948(unknown)(Fort's) Existing Drainage System (NPS, as per L. Heaton sketch)PISP (?)
1948(none)Historical Trails, Map of Utah (State of Utah)PISP
undated (late 1940s)NM/PS-3101Index Sheet, Master Plan (NPS)DSC/TIC
ca. 1950(none)Walks & Trails Improvement (L. Heaton)PISP
May 1952NM/PS-10,000AForestry - Fire Control (unknown)PISP
July 1953NM/PS-2100ERoads & Trails Systems (NPS)DSC/TIC
1953(none)Kaibab Indian Reservation (BIA)BIA
April 1956NM/PS-2051Comfort Station (NPS)PISP
May 1957NM/PS-7100Boundary Status MapNARA/SB
July 1957NPS/PS-002Map of Utility Pipelines (sketch, L. Heaton)PISP
Feb. 1958NM/PS-2101BGeneral Development (NPS)DSC/TIC
Feb. 1958NM/PS-3102Topographic Base Map (NPS)DSC/TIC
Feb. 1958NM/PS-3103Proposed Physical Improvements, Mission 66; added data, 1966 (NPS)DSC/TIC
March 1958NM/PS-3100ACover and Index Sheet, Master Plan (NPS)DSC/TIC
Feb. 1959(none)Collection Box for Water System (NPS)PISP
April 1959NM/PS-3109AWater System (NPS)DSC/TIC
May 1959NM/PS-3104Headquarters Area (NPS)DSC/TIC
May 1959NM/PS-3018BEmployee Residences (NPS)PISP
June 1959NM/PS-3104ATrail Location [walkways] (NPS)PISP
1959(none; "fig. 1")PISP Vicinity Map (in Zorro Bradley's report)PISP
Jan. 1960NM/PS-3110Site Development & Planting Plan — Residences (NPS)PISP
August 1966NM/PS-2302[Entrance] Sign and Wayside Exhibit Plan (NPS)DSC/TIC
May 1967NM/PS-3119Proposed Relocation of Visitor Center (NPS)DSC/TIC
March 1968(see 3/29/68 meeting report)Pipe Springs National Monument, Arizona (sketch map showing proposed development area)PISP
June 1968321/80000Underground Power (NPS)DSC/TIC
July 1968(none)Environmental Study AreaPISP
July 1968(none)Nature Trail/Native Grass Restoration Projects I & IIPISP
June 1969321/80001Water System; plan of water diversion structure (NPS)DSC/TIC
June 1969321/80002Utilities Systems, As Maintained; Utilities Systems, Residential & Utility Area (NPS)DSC/TIC
Aug. 1969NM/PS-2301BRoads & Trails Systems, As Maintained (NPS)DSC/TIC
May 1971321/41,000Preliminary Design/Topography - Well Site (NPS)DSC/TIC
Jan. 1972321/41,001Water Supply System (NPS)DSC/TIC
May 1972KAI-AZ/WD-4APlot Plan [Visitor Center & Parking Area] (NPS)PISP
July 1972NM/PS-800001Proposed Development (NPS)DSC/TIC
Nov. 1973(unknown)Waysides (NPS)PISP
Jan. 1980321/80007Pipe Spring [Fort] Restoration Project, 1979 (Conron & Muths)DSC/TIC
1980321/80003As Maintained Roads & Trails (NPS)PISP
Nov. 1981321/80006BExisting Land Mgmt. & Use - Constraint (NPS)DSC/TIC
Jan. 1982321/80012ASite Map; residential analysis (NPS)DSC/TIC
Jan. 1982321/80,008BRegional Map, Pipe Spring National Monument (NPS)DSC/TIC
Dec. 1982321/80003As Maintained Roads & Trails (NPS)PISP
1982-1983(none)Tree Type and Location, Fort Area (NPS; sketch, unknown author)PISP
June 1988321/80018ACattleman's Tunnel Spring Rehab; plan & profile; vault details (NPS)DSC/TIC
Oct. 1988(none)[PISP landscape - 5 site maps with L. Heaton's hand-written notes indicating changes over time]PISP
Dec. 1993321/20,900Pipe Spring National Monument (NPS)DSC/TIC
June 1997321/80,022Pipe Spring National Monument, Cultural Landscape Inventory, Existing Conditions (NPS)DSC/TIC

1For some unknown reason, this identification number is duplicative of 321/80000, dated June 1968, "Underground Power" (321 is the code for PISP).

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