Cultures at a Crossroads: An Administrative History
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April 13, 1863
James M. Whitmore was issued a land certificate for a 160-acre tract that included Pipe Spring.

January 9, 1866
Pipe Spring ranch inherited by Whitmore's widow, Elizabeth.

Church ownership (1870-1895)

December 1870
Pipe Spring property transferred from Elizabeth Whitmore to the Church, by verbal agreement with Brigham Young.

January 1, 1874
Elizabeth Whitmore paid $1000 in stock and $366.64 cash for Pipe Spring property by Winsor Castle Stock Growing Company (organized January 3, 1873; largest stockholder: the Church).

January 1, 1879
Winsor Castle Stock Growing Company transferred property to the Canaan Cooperative Cattle Company.

November 15, 1879
Canaan Company returned Pipe Springs property to the Church.

Pipe Spring ranch leased to Kanab resident Joseph Gurnsey Brown.

ca. 1885
Management of the ranch and herds turned over to the United Order of Orderville.

August 22, 1887
Kaibab Land and Cattle Company organized ("umbrella" holding company for the Church).

Church sold Pipe Spring property to Benjamin F. Saunders (no record of conveyance; exact date unknown).

July 23, 1895
Daniel and Artimesia Snow Seegmiller execute quitclaim deed to Benjamin F. Saunders.

December 2, 1895
Benjamin F. and Tacy E. Saunders execute quitclaim deed to David D. Bulloch and Lehi W. Jones.

November 3, 1902
David and Alice B. Bulloch and Lehi and Henrietta L. Jones execute quitclaim deed to A. D. Findlay (sale actually took place January 23, 1901).

January 2, 1909
A. D. Findlay sold the Pipe Spring ranch to Jonathan Heaton and Sons, a copartnership (quitclaim deed not executed until 1920).

December 31, 1920
A. D. and S. E. Findlay execute quitclaim deed to Pipe Springs Land & Live Stock Company.

December 18, 1920
Pipe Springs Land & Live Stock Company executes quitclaim deed to Charles C. Heaton.

April 28, 1924 Charles C. Heaton executes quitclaim deed to United States of America.

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