Pictured Rocks
An Administrative History
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"Advice to Persons About to Write History--Don't" Lord Acton, 1887

The great British historian's advice is particularly appropriate for the writer who takes on the task of preparing what for all intents and purposes is a contemporary history, where the warts and imperfections of the historian's analysis are open to the judgement of the actual makers of history. The author nonetheless ignored Lord Acton and pressed on with this project because of the generous support and assistance of many historians and history makers, both within and without the National Park Service.

Donald Stevens and Ron Cockrell, historians in the National Park Service's Midwest Regional Office, were very supportive. Stevens helped me track down some of the more elusive records of Pictured Rocks while Cockrell shared his past research experience with the national lakeshores. Elizabeth Amberg of Isle Royale National Park and David Nathanson of the Harpers Ferry Center were also very helpful with my information requests. The staffs of the Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan, the Federal Records Center, Kansas City, and the Michigan State Archives, particularly LeRoy Barnett, were very helpful with research in the papers of Senator Philip Hart and state park policy. As always the inter-library loan department at Loyola University was an important research aid.

The staff of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore were extremely supportive of this project. Superintendent Grant A. Petersen provided access to materials and personnel that were crucial to the research. Brenda St. Martin helped me locate lakeshore records. Gregg L. Bruff served as the local liaison and provided valuable advice on getting to know the Pictured Rocks area. Frederick H. Young generously shared recollections of his long tenure at the park. Larry D. Hach, Walter L. Loope, and Neil R. Korsmo helped orient me to current issues facing Pictured Rocks. Brian Hudaski recommended several valuable oral history informants.

Former Pictured Rocks employees played a major role in the preparation of this history. Hugh Beat tie, the lakeshore's first superintendent, generously adjusted his travel schedule to allow a face-to-face interview. Former superintendents Robert Burns and Donald Gillespie graciously shared their recollections. Deryl Stone, Chief Ranger at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, provided valuable insights into past park policy. John Kawamoto, formerly of the Midwest Regional Office, and John Austin and Howie Thompson of the Denver Service

Center were invaluable guides through the planning history of the lakeshore. Howard Chapman provided fresh insights into the work of the Great Lakes Shoreline Survey.

In Grand Marais, Neal Beavers and Frank Mead opened their homes to a stranger with a tape recorder, thank you. Bud Morrison, Joseph Kolbus and Jerry Kinnunen of Munising shared valuable insights into the early history of the lakeshore and the origins Park Service-community tensions. Former Congressman Philip Ruppe shared recollections concerning Pictured Rocks Through a phone interview. Raymond C. Clevenger, who sponsored the creation of the lakeshore in the House of Representatives, patiently explained the legislative history of Pictured Rocks. James Cruise, formerly of the Michigan Highway Department, shared valuable recollections of the history of road planning at Pictured Rocks.

At Loyola University Janice Slupsky was a valuable research assistant. Wanda Sala was invaluable sorting out my eccentric approach to word processing. I appreciate Dr. Eileen McMahon for taking the time to proof-read the final manuscript.

This history was greatly improved by the thoughtful reading of the original draft by Grant A. Petersen, Gregg L. Bruff, Barry Mackintosh, Ron Cockrell, Dena Sandford, Sherda K. Williams, and Donald L. Stevens.

The preparation of this volume was only possible because of the assistance of these generous people.

Theodore J. Karamanski
Public History Program
Loyola University of Chicago

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