The Painted Desert Inn
Evaluation of Structures and Cultural Resources
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December 1974

The Historic Preservation Team, Division of Historic Preservation, Western Region, was requested by Park Superintendent David Ames and Regional Director Chapman to evaluate a small number of structures within the Park, and to provide professional expertise for seven properties nominated to the National Register of Historic Places.

This report contains the results of this consultation process and was completed by Historical Architect Robert M. Cox, Historian Gordon S. Chappell, Archeologist Roger E. Kelly, and Acting Chief, Division of Historic Preservation, Thomas D. Mulhern, Jr.

Director Walker's memorandum of January 26, 1973, requiring professional evaluation of structures proposed for alteration or removal, Executive Order 11593, and National Register Criteria 800.10 "Procedures of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation" were applied to all structures in the evaluation process.

In March of 1970, George E. Johnson, Park Ranger, prepared nomination forms for six archeological areas as National Register properties. One historic trail was also nominated. These nominations were returned for additional information, which was supplied by the Archeologist and Historian. The Painted Desert Inn, as the principle structure under evaluation, has been submitted for determination of its eligibility for the National Register under Executive Order 11593.

Most of the archeological sites nominated were visited by the Team Archeologist and certain recommendations regarding the archeological resources of the Park are stated below.

National Register of Historic Places

The status of Historic Sites within the Park is as follows:

1. Agate House Pueblonominated
2. Newspaper Rocknominated
3. Flattop Ruinnominated
4. Painted Desert Petroglyphsnominated
5. Puerco Ruinsnominated
6. Twin Buttes Sitenominated
7. 35th Parallel Routenominated
8. Painted Desert Innrequest for determination of eligibility for the National Register


The Division of Historic Preservation, after professional evaluation, strongly recommends retention of the Painted Desert Inn and its rehabilitation for such compatible uses as the Park Administration may program. In addition, several specific recommendations regarding the protection, interpretation, and curatorial care of archeological resources are made below.

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