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Appendix Three
List of Classified Stuctures

The Dunn Ranch Novillo line camp is of the Third Order of Significance for the purposes of the National Park Service List of Classified Structures. Novillo is significant primarily in the presentation and interpretation of the history of Padre Island. The recommended level of treatment of the Novillo resource is its stabilization in its present condition by means of preserving techniques for arresting and slowing the resource's deterioration. Once stabilized, Novillo can be managed according to normal NPS historic resource management standards. Novillo will be entered on the National Register of Historic Places as a district. However, for purposes of historic resource management each structure will be dealt with individually on the List of Classified Structures. Those structures and recommended treatment are:

NumberName Treatment
1. PAIS-HS-1Fence (all, including gate) Stabilize in existing condition
2. PAIS-HS-2Bunkhouse-A Stabilize in existing condition until preparation of Historic Structure Report which will determine feasibility of restoring wood shingle roof
3. PAIS-HS-3Bunkhouse-B Same as Bunkhouse A
4. PAIS-HS-4Kitchen Undertake immediate measures to stabilize structure; e.g., strengthen portal eating area
5. PAIS-HS-5Corrals Stabilize in existing condition
6. PAIS-HS-6Windmill and Tank Stabilize in existing condition
7. PAIS-HS-7Historic Grounds Stabilize in existing condition until preparation of HSR which will determine which objects can be removed.

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Last Updated: 16-Mar-2007