Ozark Rivers National Monument
A Proposal
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Within the last few years, the urgency for setting aside in public ownership, portions of rivers still unspoiled and shoreline, whether ocean, lake or river, has received increasing attention. The Current and Eleven Point Rivers represent an outstanding opportunity. These stream valleys contain an unusual variety of features which collectively are of outstanding quality and in some respects unique. Springs, waterfalls, caves, sinks, forests and wildlife along with the rivers tell a wonderfully diversified story within an area of modest size. A wealth of prehistoric evidence and colorful history add interest.

Surprisingly here in the eastern half of the United States, this area and in particular the rivers and outstanding formations are still relatively unspoiled. The whole setting, in fact, retains an unusual feeling of naturalness and, in places, the quality of wilderness.

This combination of characteristics related as it is to attractive water, a matter of increasing interest, is clearly a resource of value to the country at large. It is judged to be of national significance—a complex not now represented in the National Park System. Preservation of these values in public ownership while the opportunity still exists would be in the public interest.

This area now, by modern standards, is within a comfortable one day's drive of over 20 million people. It represents a resource rapidly being lost and increasingly needed. It could represent a wonderful heritage for added millions in future generations.

Jacks Fork — a wild and beautiful setting. Hadley K. Irwin, Missouri State Park System

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Last Updated: 04-Nov-2009