Domain of the Cavemen:
A Historic Resource Study of Oregon Caves National Monument
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Cover (HTML)

Cover (PDF)

Preface (PDF)

Acknowledgments (PDF)

Introduction: The Marble Halls of Oregon (PDF)

1: Locked in a Colonial Hinterland, 1851-1884 (PDF)

Exploration and westward expansion
Cultural collision and its consequences
Social and economic transition
Discovery of the Oregon Caves

2: The Closing of a Frontier, 1885-1915 (PDF)

Developing a "private" show cave
Into a void
The advent of federal land management

3: Boosterism's Public-Private Partnership, 1816-1933 (PDF)

Highways to Oregon Caves
Beginnings of a recreational infrastructure
Transfer to the National Park Service

4: Improving a Little Landscape Garden, 1934-1943 (PDF)

New Lights, but an old script
Camp Oregon Caves, NM-1
Development of Grayback Campground
CCC projects at Oregon Caves
Expanded concession facilities
NPS master plans for Oregon Caves
Other vehicles for shaping visitor experience

5: Decline from Rustic Ideal, 1944-1995 (PDF)

Postwar park development
Changes in the forest
More visitors and new constituents
Attempts to recast the monument

6: Recommendations (PDF)

Eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places
Interpreting the past at Oregon Caves
Additional research

Notes (PDF)

Bibliography (PDF)

Appendix 1: Tour of the Oregon Caves Chateau (PDF)

Appendix 2: Widening Perceptions and the Viability of Developing Show Caves, John E. Roth (PDF)

Index (PDF)

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