Oregon Caves
Cultural Landscape Report

INTRODUCTION (continued)



A tall forest canopy covers most of the developed area and creates an edge along a narrow roadway which connects the cave entrance and lower parking lot along the north canyon wall, continuing on to connect the upper parking lot and maintenance sheds along the south canyon wall. Clearings in the canopy cover mark the site entrance and lower parking lot in the north, the Chateau and Chalet in the southeast, and the upper parking lot in the southwest portion of the site.


Steep slopes define strong north, east, and south boundaries for the developed area. The steep walls of Cave Canyon create a west-trending boundary.


The lower parking lot defines a physical entrance and sense of arrival to the monument in the north. A narrow roadway provides passage along north and south canyon walls to a central terrace at the canyon's east fold, and to smaller south terraces which contain the upper parking lot and maintenance sheds.


A rustic wood post sign delineates the monument entrance. Stone curbing and retaining walls delineate the Chateau-Chalet plaza and cave entrance.

map of existing conditions, 1990

entrance sign
ORCA entrance sign at the terminus of SR 46.

Chateau and Guide Dormitory
Chateau and roof of the Guide Dormitory (back), north view.

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