Oregon Caves
Cultural Landscape Report

INTRODUCTION (continued)



The monument is located in the Siskiyou Mountains of southwest Oregon at a range of 3680 to 5280 feet above sea level. The monument is characterized by extremely steep topograpby and complex geology within an enclave of mixed conifer forest. The developed area of the monument is situated on a narrow bench above a canyon formed by Cave Creek. A gorge was formed where a normally dry ravine to the southeast of the main cave entrance meets Cave Creek. Cave Creek flows westward through the canyon to Sucker Creek.


The monument is located seven miles north of the California/Oregon boundary and 40 miles east of the Pacific coast. From the junction of U.S. 199 and Oregon 46 at Cave Junction, Highway 46 winds easterly 20 miles and terminates at the monument parking lot. Big Tree, Lake Mountain, and Cliff Nature trails create a boundary arching north, east, and south of the developed area.


The developed area contains a visitor information and ranger office for on-site administration, utility buildings and seasonal employee housing. The property is administered by the National Park Service. Services are provided by the Oregon Caves Company under concession contract.

location map

elevation profile

elevation profile

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