Oregon Caves
Historic Structures Report


This Historic Structure Report was completed as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Science in Historic Preservation at the University of Oregon. It represents an individual effort by the author as a student project. It is hoped that this report will serve the National Park Service and concessionaire at the Oregon Caves National Monument as a reference guide for the treatment of the historic Chateau, a National Historic Landmark, and other similar buildings on the Monument.

Certain issues were not covered in the report, as they were beyond the scope of responsibility. Seismic, life safety, and ADA accessibility concerns are not addressed in the report, as they require the assistance of a professional in those fields. Structural system observations are made, but a professional must be consulted in this area. Cost estimates for the work are also not provided, as they are dependent on performance of the work and where materials and supplies are obtained. Two other issues, lead paint and weatherization, are also not specifically covered but deserve attention. Lead paint may be encountered when the exterior paint work is done on the valleys and painted wood elements such as the windows. The paint should be tested before work begins, and appropriate containment measures taken to reduce the threat to both workers and the surrounding environment. The Chateau has not seen the installation of storm windows and insulation in its exterior walls. These elements, especially the storm windows, constitute a threat to the historic character and materials of the Chateau. These items should not be installed in order to preserve the character and fabric of the building. This will result in additional heating costs, but will better pre serve the Chateau.

The concessionaire is referred to in this report as the Oregon Caves Company (OCC). The original company was named the Oregon Caves Resort, and the name was changed to the OCC in 1953. The holdings of the Oregon Caves Company were transferred to the Canteen Company of Oregon in 1977, which was renamed the Estey Corporation in 1988. For ease of reference, Oregon Caves Company refers to all of the above mentioned corporations, as the concessions have had some continuity of management since the original organization of the Oregon Caves Resort in 1923.

The floor numbering system is taken from the 1989 Historic American Buildings Survey drawings of the Chateau. These drawings are included in Appendix A. The individual room numbers used in the report are the numbers posted on the entrances to the rooms, and are marked on these drawings as well. References to the cardinal directions are problematic in this building, as it is a modified "U" shape. Throughout this report, the directions used refer to the wall or direction that is closest in orientation to the cardinal direction described. For example, the wall of the structure that lies next to lies next to the road on the northern side of the building is called the north wall, even though it does not face directly north.

It should also be mentioned that all work recommended in this report should adhere to the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Preservation. These standards are included as Appendix B. The Secretary's Standards for Restoration are also included in this appendix.

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Last Updated: 22-Sep-2001