Summary Prehistory and Ethnography of Olympic National Park, Washington
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A number of people assisted me in varying ways and to varying degrees with this report. The original impetus and direction came from Jim Thomson, Regional Archeologist, and Dr. T. Allan Comp, Cultural Resources Division Chief, both of the National Park Service, Pacific Northwest Regional Office. Their support and encouragement were vital. For general assistance and cheerful cooperation, I would like to thank Roger Contor, Don Jackson, Hank Warren and the Olympic National Park Staff. Special appreciation goes to Gail E. H. Evans and Gary Wessen, who provided valuable input during the early stages of this project. Betty Hansen of Olympic National Park typed the first draft, which was reviewed by David Harvey, Esti Docter, and Jane Evans of the National Park Service, Pacific Northwest Regional Office. David Munsell, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Seattle District Archeologist, made a number of important suggestions which significantly improved the report. Jane Evans provided invaluable editorial assistance on subsequent revisions. The map of the Olympic Peninsula was drafted by Hank Florence, and all artifact illustrations were prepared by Barry Richards. Barb Walker and Candyce McVey of the Pacific Northwest Regional office typed the second draft, while the final version in the pages to follow was typed by Betty Hansen and Bessie Thompson of Olympic National Park. I would like to especially thank Michele Miller for insightful comments, helpful suggestions and a supportive attitude.

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