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Standard Distribution List for Cultural Resources Division, Pacific Northwest Region (from Appendix J and other sources)
Institution/Individual# of copies
Cultural Resources, WASO
(for distribution to Cultural Resources Depository and National Technical Information Service)
Division of History, WASO—history reports only2
Departmental Archeologist, WASO—archeology reports only1
Division of Anthropology (Scovill)—archeology only1
PNRO (includes 2 to library, 1 to area branch chief, 1 to Division library, 1 to Division Chief, 1 to author)5
Denver Service Center
—DSC Technical Information Center, Division of Graphic Systems1
—DSC team2
—Rocky Mountain Regional Library1
Harpers Ferry3
Mather and Aibright Training Centers (1 each)2
Production Office Files1
Department of Interior Library1
Library of Congress1
National Archives1
PNRO Park Areas (attn: Superintendents)12
The Public Historian1
Other NPS regions—CRM staffs9
University of Washington—Richard Engeman1

Variable Distribution List (prepared for each publication)

Institution/Individual# of copies
Closest Federal Document Depository to subject park1
Closest National Archives regional depository1
Major State Historical Societies and associated libraries1 each
Closest state and private universities/colleges1 each
State and local historic preservation groups1 each
All institutions at which research was done1 each
Any individual who provided special assistance or research material1 each
State and closest county/local libraries

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Last Updated: 23-Jul-2010