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Major Resource Locations for Historic Photographs of Singer's Lake Crescent Tavern

Olympic National Park, Port Angeles, Washington

The Pioneer Memorial Visitor Center and the Administration Building house a limited number of mostly black and white photos of the lodge and grounds dating from the 1950s and later.

Bert Kellogg Collection, Port Angeles, Washington

This private collection contains a number of negatives of black and white photos taken in the early years of the lodge's existence. The quality of the negatives varies. Kellogg produces the prints upon request.

Washington State Historical Society, Tacoma, Washington

The extensive collection of early black and white photos of the main lodge, cabins and grounds exist at the historical society. Most of the photos date from the 1920s and are of excellent quality. These photos are in the Asahel Curtis Collection.

University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

The Pacific Northwest Collection at the university contains only three of four postcards of the interior and exterior of the lodge. The dates range from the 1920s to the 1950s.

Ellis Studio and Post Card Company, Arlington, Washington

The Ellis father and son team photographed and produced postcards of Olympic Peninsula natural and cultural scenes beginning in the 1920s. Many pre-1940s postcards of Singer's Tavern no longer exist. Although negatives for earlier tavern scenes may outnumber the postcards, many are in deteriorated condition. Existing negatives and actual postcards of the resort are principally from the 1940s and later.

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Last Updated: 23-Jul-2010