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Building Improvements on Singer's Lake Crescent Tavern Property*

*This building improvement data was compiled from tax assessment records at the Clallam County Courthouse. Customarily, there is a time lag of one to two years from the time improvements were made and the record assessed valuation.

Year Value of
Bldg. Imp.
Acres Owner
18970.94.25Paul Barnes
19080.7.69Walter L. Patterson
191075.21.87Helen Burkhardt
1911100.29.58Helen Burkhardt
1912-15100.29.25Helen Burkhardt
1915100.29.25Avery J. Singer
19162,250.29.25Avery J. Singer
(Lake Crescent Tavern, Corp.)
1917-192,950.29.25(Lake Crescent Tavern, Corp.)
1920-284,000.29.25(Lake Crescent Tavern, Corp.)
1918-314,000.29.25A. G. Michaud
(Lake Crescent Company)
1932-423,600.29.25Seattle Trust Company
1943-443,640.29.25Bessie C. Bovee
1944-473,640.29.25Seattle Ambassador, Inc.
19484,004.29.25Seattle Ambassador, Inc.
1949-514,424.29.25Seattle Ambassador, Inc.
1951- &bsp; - &bsp; United States of America

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Last Updated: 23-Jul-2010