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A Chronology of Singer's Lake Crescent Tavern Property Ownership Transactions*

*This chronology was compiled from property records at the Land Title Company of Clallam County and oral history informants George Veith, John W. Boyd, Eva DeMunbrun, and Garner Hansen.

1897Paul Barnes filed for homestead claim.
1908Nettie R. Barnes, wife of Paul Barnes, sold to Walter L. Patterson.
1908Paul Barnes and Nettie Barnes sold to Helen G. Burkhardt.
1911Walter L. Patterson sold a portion of his Barnes property to Helen G. Burkhardt.
1914Helen G. Burkhardt sold to Avery J. Singer.
1915Lake Crescent Tavern, a corporation, created with Avery Singer, president and Julia Singer, his wife, secretary.
1927Lake Crescent Tavern (corporation) sold to Aime G. Michaud and Ermine Michaud, his wife.
1928Aime G. Michaud sold to Lake Crescent Company.
1930Lake Crescent Company, Aime and Ermine Michaud, and the Jewell Agency, Inc. versus the Seattle Trust Company in Washington State Superior Court.
1930Judgement against Lake Crescent Company in favor of Seattle Trust Company.
1930Property sold at sheriff's sale to Seattle Trust Company.
1930-1931Frank Maltby served as manager for Seattle Trust Company.
1933Lake Crescent Tavern trust estate created by Seattle Trust Company.
1939Contract made between Seattle Trust and Savings, and Walter and Bessie Bovee.
1941Seattle Trust and Savings Bank conveyed property to Walter G. and Bessie C. Bovee, shareholders in the property.
1945Contract of sale made between Walter G. and Bessie C. Bovee and Loyal and Martha Carstensen, and Horatio and Elizebeth Sabin.
1947Horatio and Elizebeth Sabin conveyed their share of the property to Loyal and Martha Carstensen.
1947George Veith purchased a substantial share of the property.
1949Loyal Carstensen conveyed his share to Martha Carstensen, his wife.
1951Walter B. and Bessie C. Bovee conveyed Lake Crescent Tavern property to the United States of America.
1951Contract for a lease between the National Park Service and National Park Concessions, Inc.

Managers of the property since 1951:

1951-1952Angie Gibbons
1952-1955Edward Halterman
1955-1960Ozzie E. Atwell
1961-1966Bedford T. Estehere
1966-1971Buell De DeMunbrun
1971-1977Bedford Esters
1977-1979Robert T. King
1979-pres.Gary Wood

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