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The following pages list all Olympic National Park buildings constructed before 1943. The list is current as of December 1983. The buildings are organized by historical theme as described in Chapters I-VI of the Historic Resource Study text. Within each theme group the buildings are grouped by existing Park sub-districts and are arranged numerically by building number. When buildings represent more than one era of Olympic National Park history, they are listed in more than one theme group. Buildings constructed by the National Forest Service and the National Park Service for administrative purposes (such as guard stations, shelters and headquarters buildings) and now located in the Park are generally listed under the category of "recreation" since one of the goals, if not the primary one, for both agencies has been the management of the present Park area for recreational use.

Buildings in Appendix B are listed by their historic (original) name, when known. The commonly known name, if different than the historic name, is given in parentheses directly below the historic name. Asterisks are used beside numbers in parentheses to denote the following:

* — Unofficial Park building inventory number

** — Number of pre-1943 structures in a building ensemble

Individual inventory cards which describe each of the buildings in Appendix B in more detail are contained in a companion document entitled Historic Building Inventory: Olympic National Park.

No standing buildings

Humes Cabinca. 1900699Elwha
Brandeberry Cabin1920s2012Hoh
Shaube Cabin
(Smith Cabin)
Andrews Barnca. 19301251Kalaloch
Anderson Barn1930s(2013)*Kalaloch
Reid Cabin1920s(2018)*Kalaloch
Roose Cabinca. 19381217Ozette
Roose Root Houseca. 19381218Ozette
Roose Sheep Barnca. 19351219Ozette
Ahlstrom Cabinca. 1928(2002)*Ozette
Ahlstrom Barnca. 1930(2003)*Ozette

Commercial and Industrial Development
Skookum Mining Claim Cabin1940s(2043)*Hurricane

Elwha Ranger Station (13)**1930-3625-38Elwha
Elkhorn Guard Station
(Elkhorn Ranger Station)
Elkhorn Woodshed1934187Elwha
Elkhorn Barn1933-34188Elwha
Hayes River Fire Cache1928190Elwha
Dodger Point Lookoutca. 1935194Elwha
Elwha Campground Community Kitchen1935200Elwha
Altaire Campground Community Kitchen1935202Elwha
Wilder Cabin
(Botten Cabin)
Elkhorn Shelter1930300Elwha
E. O. Michael Cabinca. 1937698Elwha
Humes Cabinca. 1900699Elwha
Remann Cabin1929701Elwha
Crisler Poaching Cabin1930s(2020)*Elwha
Crisler Hot Cakes Shelter1930s(2021)*Elwha
Crisler Hot Cakes Shelter1930s(2022)*Elwha
Crisler Halfway House1930s(2025)*Elwha
Crisler Ski Lair
(Sheepherder's Cabin)
Administration Buildings (6)**1940-421-6Headquarters
Deer Park Shelter1930166Hurricane
Deer Park Shelter1930167Hurricane
Deer Park Ranger Station1936168Hurricane
Deer Park Storage Barn1941169Hurricane
(Graywolf) Falls Shelterca. 1935287Hurricane
Three Forks Shelter1930317Hurricane
Klahhane Club Building
(part of building)
Bogachiel Woodshed1928181Hoh
Bogachiel Barn1930182Hoh
Fifteen Mile Shelter1928281Hoh
Happy Four Shelter1928288Hoh
Hyak Shelter1928295Hoh
Olympus Guard Station
(Olympus Ranger Station)
Bogachiel Shelter1931308Hoh
Twenty-one Mile Shelter1931321Hoh
Pelton Creek Shelter1930307Kalaloch
Becker's Ocean Resort (12)**
(Kalaloch Lodge)
late 1920s-1936470-501Kalaloch
Becker's Pump House
(Kalaloch Pump House)
Ross Cabin1936586 Kalaloch
Killea Guard Station
(Queets Ranger Station)
Shaube Cabin
(Smith Cabin)
Killea Storage Shed
(Queets Storage Shed)
ca. 19301252Kalaloch
Kelley Field Generator Houseca. 19401255Kalaloch
Kalaloch Generator House1930s1259Kalaloch
Ruby Beach Pump House1930s(2004)*Kalaloch
Eagle Guard Station
(Soleduck Ranger Station)
1936172Lake Crescent
Eagle Garage
(Soleduck Garage)
1936173Lake Crescent
Soleduck Generator House1940174Lake Crescent
Storm King Guard Station
(Morgenroth Cabin)
ca. 1906192Lake Crescent
Sourdough Shelter1932314Lake Crescent
Rosemary Inn (17)**ca. 1915-1936372-399Lake Crescent
Singer's Tavern (20)**
(Lake Crescent Lodge)
Lake Crescent
Log Cabin Resort (12)**1927-30840-873, 621, 903Lake Crescent
Sol Duc Hot Springs (7)**late 1920s, 1930s1093-1121
1220, (2042)*
Lake Crescent
Tradewell Residence19351019Lake Crescent
Ruddell Residence19201192Lake Crescent
Thompson Residence (6)**1918-361204-1209Lake Crescent
Schott Residence1938/1960s1224Lake Crescent
Schott Garage/Greenhouse19381234Lake Crescent
Muzzy Residence (5)**19221228-1232Lake Crescent
Wendel Residence19351260Lake Crescent
Wendel Boathouse19351261Lake Crescent
Miletich Residence1930/19621264Lake Crescent
Miletich Shed19301265Lake Crescent
Gideon/Jacobson Cabin19401267Lake Crescent
Ruddell Storage Shedca. 19301269Lake Crescent
Ruddell Woodshedca. 19301270Lake Crescent
Gideon/Jacobson Boathouse19401285Lake Crescent
Lake Crescent Garage/Shop Maintenance19301286Lake Crescent
Tradewell Storage Shed19351288Lake Crescent
Baar Residence19351302Lake Crescent
Fletcher Residence19301304Lake Crescent
Kedish Residence19311308Lake Crescent
Kedish Generator Building1930s1309Lake Crescent
Crisler Castle 'n Cat Shelterca. 1943(2019)*Lake Crescent
N. Fork Soleduck Shelterca. 1932(2030)*Lake Crescent
Graves Creek Ranger Station1940133Quinault
Graves Creek Garage and Wood Storage Building1941134Quinault
N. Fork Quinault Guard Station
(N. Fork Quinault Ranger Station)
ca. 1930175Quinault
N. Fork Quinault Garage1935176Quinault
N. Fork Quinault Barn1930178Quinault
Enchanted Valley Chalet1930-31207Quinault
Low Divide Shelter1930275Quinault
Three Lakes Shelter1932318Quinault
Homan Barn
(Quinault Barn)
Homan Storage Building
(Quinault Fire Cache)
Lincoln Guard Station
(Staircase Ranger Station)
ca. 1929142Staircase
Lincoln Garage/Fire Cache
(Staircase Garage)
ca. 1929143Staircase
Staircase Resort Cabin1936146Staircase
Anderson Pass Shelter1934263Staircase
Home Sweet Home Shelterca. 1933293Sdaircase
Ten Mile Shelterca. 1930316Staircase
Staircase CCC Camp Building
(Staircase Oil and Gas Building)
ca. 1934580Staircase
Staircase Tack Shedca. 1934(2031)*Staircase

Depression Era Federal Relief Programs
Elwha Gas and Oil House193634Elwha
Elwha Campground Community Kitchen1935200Elwha
Altaire Campground Community Kitchen1935202Elwha
Elwha CCC Camp Building
(Elwha Equipment Shed)
ca. 1936559Elwha
Administration Buildings (6)**1940-421-6Headquarters
Deer Park Ranger Station1936168Hurricane
Deer Park Storage Barn1941169Hurricane
Kelley Field Generator Houseca. 19401255Kalaloch
Soleduck Generator House1940174Lake Crescent
Graves Creek Garage and Wood Storage Building1941134Quinault
Staircase CCC Camp Building
(Staircase Oil & Gas Building)
ca. 1934580Staircase

World War II Military Involvement
Dodger Point Lookoutca. 1935194Elwha
Becker's Ocean Resort
(Kalaloch Lodge)
late 1920s-1936470-501Kalaloch
Becker's Pump House1937696Kalaloch
Ruby Beach Pump House1930s(2004)*Kalaloch
Pyramid Peak Lookout1942709Lake Crescent
Starbuck Creek Cabinca. 1942(2032)*Mora
Ozette Lake Coast Guard Kitchen
(Ozette Ranger Station)
Enchanted Valley Chalet1931207Quinault

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