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Description:Peleliu. New Mexican Native Americans. These New Mexican Native Americans., serving with the veteran First Marine division, played an important part in maintaining communication during the Peleliu campaign. Front row, left to right: Pfc. James T, Nahkai, of Ship Rock, Pfc. John H. Bowman of Tohatchi, Pfc. Jimmy King of Ship rock; Pfc. Andrew Calleditto of Crownpoint; Pfc. Lloyd Betone of Crownpoint; Cpl. Lloyd Oliver of Ship Rock. Rear row left to right Pfc. Preston Toledo of Crown point; Cpl. John Chae of Ship Rock; Pfc. Sany Burr, of Ship rock; Pfc. Ben Manuelito of Tohatchi; Pfc. Dan Orhiya (?) of Galluo; Pfc Edward Lueppe of Tolatchi (sp?); Pfc. Del Cayedito of Crownpoint; Lueppe, the Cayedito brothers and Manuelito, played football and basketball together at Fort Windgate, NM Indian School. King held the Colorado State boxing championships at 118lbs in 1940(?). In the foreground , commanding them for their work is Lieutenant Colonel James G. Smith, signal officer for the First Marine Division. (Defense Dept, . Marine Corps #101,511, 127-MN-101511, National Archives).
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